What the Bible says about healing and praying for the sick

God made man in His image and likeness, but He also endowed him with a physical body through which he must fulfill certain tasks that have been assigned to him during his earthly life. The physical bodies, unlike the spirit, deteriorate with time and suffer damage, having to face the presence of diseases or health problems of various kinds.

What is humanly done first in the event of illness is to turn to a health specialist in search of recovery. But it is very frequent, and more in moments of desperation, to turn to God imploring his help to achieve physical healing.

What the Bible says about healing and praying for the sick 1

Biblical references on healing

Being Almighty GodHe always accompanies us and blesses us so that we are worthy of the greatest benefit that can be experienced, such as the salvation of our souls and the enjoyment of an eternal life at His side. That is, we always receive emotional and spiritual health, which is sometimes requested through prayers. However, it is customary to pray and address God to ask Him to heal our illnesses and improve our physical health.

In relation to the latter, in the Bible there are several references to God's direct intervention in the restoration of physical health. In the Old Testament the cases of Naaman and Naaman and Naaman Ana. Naaman was a soldier in the Syrian army who became ill with leprosy; an Israelite maid told him of the existence of the prophet Elisha in Israel, telling him that he could cure him; Naaman traveled and met with Elisha, who gave him instructions so that he could be healed in the name of God, these instructions were followed and he was healed, recognizing the God of Israel as the true God (Kings 5:1-15).

The case of Ana (Samuel 1: 1-20) refers to a situation of sterility that she suffered, with great faith she asked God to grant her a son and in exchange, she would give him to his service. God granted her the grace to conceive a son whom she named Samuel and he became a recognized prophet in Israel.

It is also known that Peter and John were going to the temple to pray and there was a lame beggar begging for alms; Peter informed him that he did not have money but that he would give him the only thing he possessed. Taking him by the hand, he commanded him in the name of Jesus Christ to get up and walk, and he did so and was cured (Acts 3:1-10).

In the Gospels also narrates several cases of health directly by Jesusincluding cases of cure of leprosy, blindness, paralysis, disability, deaf-mutism (Matthew 8:1-4; Matthew 8:5-13; John 9:1-7; John 5:1-9; Mark 7:31-37).

Is it beneficial to pray for the sick?

It is advisable to pray for the sick, asking God for their healing if that is His will, knowing that He desires the best for mankind and induces us to present our needs to Him (Matthew 7: 11).

It should pray in humility, with faith and trusting that God's will is the will of God is the best thing that can happen to us, keeping in mind that it is not our will that will be fulfilled but the will of God. That is why sometimes we are not given what we ask for and people think that God does not listen, but we are simply fulfilling the will of the Lord.

Praying does not always result in physical healing

It is really true that God does not always grant the physical healing that is requested, if it were always granted, death would not exist and consequently would have no reason to exist. the resurrection nor the enjoyment of eternal life.

The wisdom of God is so immense that one must have full trust in it, knowing that everything is done according to God's will. We must be aware that our thoughts and desires are different from God's and that He has as His objective the spiritual growth of people (Isaiah 55:8).

When physical healing is not achieved at a given moment, one should not fall into despair and look for blame, one should proceed with wisdom, abiding by the divine will because there are situations that we as humans do not understand (Corinthians 13:12).

Important factors when praying for a sick person

One should pray with simple words, expressing what one feels and what one wishes to obtain, doing it in the simplest possible way, because what is needed is sincerity.

Do not forget that the one who is asking God is an intermediary between the sick person and God, so no thoughts or interests other than the central petition should be involved.

One should pray with the certainty of God's power, trusting in His power and His ability to heal.

And finally, one must have the assurance of being able to declare the power that God has over sickness, just as He has over all things.

Jesus' exercise of healing

The physical healing Jesus did not follow a specific method during his stay among men, since at times the sick person himself came to him, at other times the request was made through relatives or relatives of the sick person. friends and many times he gave healing without being asked for it. In all cases, He knew what was the right time to confer such healing, since it should serve as a teaching of the word of God and as a recognition and approach to the Supreme Lord.

Jesus was able to heal many people because he was in constant communication with God. Father (John 5:17-18; John 8:26), because although He is also God, He submitted to the will of the Father.

Should we currently pray to God for physical healing?

We should always pray for the physical health because God's power has not changed, it is the same from Creation to our days and will remain the same for all eternity (Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8) and we can and must continue to trust in His healing power.

On some occasions God allows us to undergo suffering in order to achieve purification, which is what is called redemptive suffering; but even so He asks us in those cases not to fall into discouragement or despair; on the contrary, we must purify ourselves of our sins and pray to God to obtain healing.

At present there are known people to whom God has granted the gift of healing and through them He continues to grant spiritual, emotional and physical healings. Very few people are chosen to enjoy this gift and special care must be taken to recognize the presence of this benefit and blessing.

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