What is the verse at the center of the Bible?

The most important book of mankind is the Bible where the word of the Father Celestial to the just man, finding in it wisdom, teachings and inspiration. Through its lines one can find the spiritual truth and the spiritual love to humanity, as well as values of morality and justice.

This holy book has been compiled for 1100 years (between 900 B.C. and 100 A.D.) and was written by many men by divine inspiration. The Sacred Scriptures Christian churches are currently divided into two main parts called: Old Testament y New Testament and each book that forms part of this sacred text is divided into chapters and these are divided into verses.

What is the verse found in the center of the Bible? 1

The Catholic Bible

The Sacred Scriptures of the text accepted by the Catholic Church contain in its first part 46 booksdivided into 1,083 chaptersThis division corresponds to the Covenant of God the Father and the Hebrew people known as the Old Testament. The second part of the Sacred Scriptures teaches the New Covenant of God with man and is called the New Testament which contains 27 books, 260 chapters and a total of 7,958 verses.

The Protestant Bible

The text containing the Word of God used by the Protestant churches contains in the Old Testament 39 books, 928 chapters and 23,146 verses. In the second part of this sacred text there are 27 books, 260 chapters and 7,958 verses.

All of the above makes it possible to summarize that it contains 31,104 verses from the Genesis to Apocalypse and a total of 1,188 chapters.

What is the central Bible verse?

The Holy Scriptures or Bible contains 1188 chapters and the central verse of the Bible is found in the psalm 118, exactly verse 8; i.e. 118:8 which reads:

"It is better to trust in the Lord than to trust in man."

Psalm 118:8

The central verse of the Bible is located at 594 chapters prior to Psalm 118 and there are exactly the same number of chapters (594) after this psalm, being 1188 chapters in total.

As a complement to the above information, it is worth mentioning that Psalm 117 contains in its scripture the most important chapter of the short of the Bible and the longest chapter is contained in Psalm 119.

The Psalm 118 corresponds to a beautiful song of praise that belongs to the Hallel Psalms, which were sung on three of the main religious feasts of the Israeli people: the feast of the Passover; Pentecost, and the celebration of Tabernacles.

This psalm invites us to entrust our life to God the FatherThe Lord will never let us down, the Lord will be our strength, our protection and will take care of us from fear, disappointment, sadness: in Him we can always trust. Many times when we move away from God we put all our efforts only in what we do and in the environment of known beings that surround us but from them we can receive disappointment, make mistakes or fail but from God never, he will never fail us and he will always be by our side, being always reliable. This verse tells us that it is better to take shelter and trust in our Heavenly Father than in people.


The central verse of the sacred texts containing the word of God usually referred to as the Bible is contained in the Psalm 118 and it is verse 8 of this, being its exact text:

"It is better to trust in the Lord than to trust in man."

Psalm 118:8

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