What does prayer mean in our life?

Cultivating the habit of praying on a daily basis is a priority in order to foster the daily contact with God. To pray is to communicate with the Creator of all that exists to tell Him our feelings, to thank Him and to request His timely help.

What does prayer mean in our lives? 1

What is the meaning of prayer?

Praying means talk to our Father Celestial to tell him our feelings. It is a direct communication that allows us to reach out to heaven any time we want. As Christians we have the priority of fostering our relationship with God. At the bible we can clearly know what prayer is and what it means for the human being to pray regularly. In Matthew, Jesus speaks of the prayer and explains that we must open our hearts and tell him how we feel.

Basically it tells us that we must pray not to use repeated and vain phrases in private, for those who do so are like fools who think that by their talk they will be heard. Our Heavenly Father knows of the things that we need long before we ask Him for them as it says in Matthew chapter 6 verses 5 to 8.

As can be seen, praying has two protagonists, God and us. It is an opportunity to be intimate with Him. We will not pray correctly if what we want is to impress other people so that they are enraptured by our words. In making a prayer our task should be to speak from within and from our soul so as to pour out our heart in devotion.

Obviously, our Heavenly Father He knows our needs before we pray, but He wants to listen to us to test our faith. We see how important it is to strengthen our faith. faith so that we can feel that we can be heard and that our prayers will be real, that they come from the heart. Praying is of vital importance to foster our relationship with the deity.

How should we pray?

It is clear that everyone recognizes the importance of praying, however, on many occasions they are not clear on how they should pray. The scriptures provide us with the perfect example of how to pray. Jesus taught to pray through the prayer of the Our Father. This is the model prayer that Jesus Christ showed us we should pray. Basically Jesus commands us to pray by calling upon the Heavenly Father recognizing His power to do His will in all things both above in heaven and below on earth. We ask Him to give us daily nourishment, to forgive us our sins as we forgive others and to keep us safe from all dangers as stated in Matthew 6 verses 9 to 13.

By adopting this prayer as an outline to follow we will be able to make our own prayers, address God with devotion and thank and ask for everything we need and desire. It is important to take into account important points that must be present in the prayer. These elements are the following:

  • To have a condition of obedience and devotion directed to the Heavenly Father.
  • Sanctifying God's name demonstrates praise and worship. It also demonstrates and recognizes the greatness of the Lord and His identity. We should honor His name by demonstrating humility and love for Him.

We trust in God by praying

Submit to the character of God in all things denotes that we accept his will and reaffirm that whatever happens is his sacred will and ultimately is best for us and our family. We express full confidence in his dominions and may his holy will be manifested in our lives for the better. The Lord always works for good and we must always submit to his will.

We make petitions to the God of heaven

Requesting a daily morsel of food means that we have the possibility of requesting God's supply for every day. The Lord knows that every day we have physical needs that must be met and he will be ready to honor them.

Forgiveness is vital for progress

Asking God for forgiveness and at the same time sorry to others is to recognize our need to forgive in order to be forgiven. It is a phrase that allows us to examine ourselves to know if we are really willing to forgive and to receive the forgiveness of others. God's forgiveness. But is it easy to forgive others, and are we converted enough to forgive and forgive?

We ask to triumph over evil and temptations

Ask God May he always keep us away from temptations and danger daily, so that we may have the power to stand firm and not yield to them. God is the supreme force that protects us and helps us to get out of every evil and every vicissitude, from every imminent attack of the adversary.

We will always continue to praise you

Recognize the magnificence of God is very important. Each prayer should end with an amen which means that each prayer ends with praise to God for His great power. We express to Him that all supremacy and power are His and that it will be so eternally. 

Finally, we recognize that prayer strengthens us and anchors us to the Lord, it gives us a fantastic opportunity to overflow our soul in fullness to ask Him for help and wisdom. When we pray we are closer to Him, when we pray we are demonstrating humility because we are being obedient to His call to pray always. In order to rejoice in his love and companionship we must pray, this is the most important motive that impels us to his love, to his love, to his love. obey His will and to always keep us close to Him.

When a child asks his earthly father for gifts, he gladly gives them to him. So, just imagine if we ask our Heavenly Father. He will surely be more than happy to do so.

Praying is a wonderful opportunity to show you loveto ask absolutely for what we need and to be thankful for what we see, what we have, what he gives us and even what he has yet to give us, according to his will.

Let us never miss the opportunity to render devotions to the Most High every day as we will be the most benefited part of this relationship with the deity.

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