What does it mean to be free in Christ?

The freedom is one of the fundamental rights and desires of the human being. In the condition of freedom lies the welfare, since when enjoying it, the other rights can be exercised, as long as they have to present the duties in order not to harm others.

When reading the Bible passages are found that refer to the freedom of thebut it refers to the spiritual freedom or freedom in Christ, which has been conferred by God in making the decision to send Jesus to Earth where he died and rose again for the sole purpose of setting humanity free from the sin. That is true freedom, when one accepts and becomes aware that God is the one who directs our lives and that by His will sin is not allowed to control them.

free in christ

By allowing Jesus Christ exercises his liberating power and be the guide, filling us with his presence, we can confront evil designs and feel full spiritual freedom, as we stop being slaves to evil and live a life full of thank you that God gives us.

Benefits of freedom in Christ

The liberty in Christ allows you to lead a life full of Holy Spiritwhere God directs all feelings, desires, words and attitudes, granting the strength to face the enemy evil and not to fall into sin.

When you decide to be at the service of Godlife is directed by its justice and this makes the result beneficial full of virtues that lead to the approach of eternal life; whereas when one is at the mercy of sin, shameful results are obtained that lead to spiritual death.

In Christ is found the totality of freedom, which was given to men after the sacrifice of his Passion and crucifixion and this was only achieved by the God's grace (Ephesians 2: 8-9).

It is accepted that after a person has been transformed thanks to the redemptive power of God and to his love, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in his soul, providing him with the necessary assistance to remain steadfast in the obedience to God, which is practiced out of love and not out of fear.

The libility in Christ always grants confidence and spiritual tranquility, which results in a good coexistence with others, thus honoring and glorifying God.

How does Christ set us free?

Possibly the most adequate answers to this question can be found in the Gospel of John, where we find various teachings on the subject. Thus, he refers in John 3:16which is so immense love of God who sent his only Son a die crucified to save those who believe in Him. Jesus Himself, after being outraged, rose again and rose against all sins, so that those who believe in Him may have eternal life. (John 12: 32).

Another way Jesus has implemented to grant spiritual freedom is through the truth about God, stating that by believing in Him one will come to know the truth, which will set the one who so believes free. (John 8:32).

From the above it follows that no one can atone for or solve his sins by himself, for that the help and presence of God is required. For this reason, God chose his own Son to fulfill this mission, who, being exempt from sin, was able to sacrifice himself for the sins of humanity, as he certainly did, to free it from the slavery that originates sin and to give it spiritual freedom in Christ.

To be free in Christ

The magnificence of God gives us the privilege of deciding how to live: to do so as free persons in his image and likeness, or to do so as slaves to sin. By deciding the first way, God provides enough strength not to fall into temptations and to recognize that he is victorious over evil. By having the love of God as the goal of life, allowing everything to happen according to his will, the tendency to dedicate oneself to pleasures decreases in human beings and the desire to serve God increases.

Even though every law entails a punishment after being transgressed, the divine law is so kind that with the crucifixion and death of Jesus, He frees men from eternal damnation. Regardless of the gravity of the errors committed, if the person truly repents of his wrongdoings, God grants him total forgiveness. sorry and offers him the beginning of a new life in Christ, with the offer of an eternal life at his side and an earthly life with a new direction directed by the presence of the Holy Spirit in the reborn soul.

Christ grants full freedom and by allowing it to enter into every soul, heart and body, one ceases to be a slave to sin and begins to be spiritually free, with a lifestyle in accordance with God's designs and overcoming any temptation that tends to separation from Him.

What is freedom in Christ for?

The freedom in Christ provides an indescribable feeling of fullness, grace and spiritual well-being, because it is the true and only existing freedom, which allows at the same time, to be free in various aspects.

The most immediate thing is that through the freedom in Christone can decide not to commit faults or sins that are against God's will, as it states John at 8: 31-36.

Effectively serves to reject and resist the vain offers Satan may make, without having to heed his lies. (Romans 16: 20)On the contrary, manifesting, at that moment, the glorified of God.

Likewise, confers freedom to change the way one conducts oneself according to one's talents and capacities; if one's personal behavior is causing harm, one has the freedom to review and change. It also gives the freedom to respect the conscience of others, since one should not pretend that someone's judgment directs the conduct of others because each one is free to follow his own conscience.

It allows one to make one's own decisions freely, knowing that one is responsible for the outcome of those decisions, which is known as free will.

It gives freedom to do all the good you want, because sin hinders the ability to help, being free from sin you can act for the benefit of others.

How to experience true freedom?

Leading a healthy life oriented towards the thanks to God by all the goodness and experiences that He offers at every moment and by being inhabited by the Holy Spirit; in this condition one perseveres in obedience to the Word of God. Freedom in Christ gives consciousness of having passed from spiritual death to life in Christ, which confers more vitality to earthly existence and guarantees an eternal life at the side of Jesus Christ, who is true Freedom.

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