Traditions that exalt the Birth of Jesus

The Christmas More than a celebration of the month of December, it involves a series of beliefs and family traditions. It is one of the most emphasized celebrations in the Christian universe, it comes from the Latin term Nativitas, which means Birth, and it is, together with Pentecost and Easter, one of the most relevant events, being considered the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ in the city of Bethlehem, son of God and his direct representative on Earth.

Christmas is a way to congregate devotees of Christianityaround the Manger where the child is born Jesus and where we reflect on the miracle of God's presence in our lives, is the time of the year when the process of spreading Christianity throughout the world begins to develop historically, which deepens and increases after the death of Jesus.

This time of the year is more than a celebration of the month of DecemberChristmas, involves a series of beliefs and family traditions, which may vary in each part of the world, there are unique Christmas traditions, Santa Claus, the Christ Child, Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve and a myriad of other ways that describe one of the most important days for Latinos and non-Latinos.

Traditions and celebrations such as the nativity scene or the birth of Jesus in BethlehemChristmas tree, Santa Claus (Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas), rituals such as the Misa de Gallo (Christmas Eve Mass), Christmas carols, parrandas (Christmas parties) and Christmas carols. images These are elements that unite all families and exalt the common roots and influences that unite them. Below are 8 of these Christmas traditions that exalt Jesus and fill them with his spirit and joy.

Traditions that exalt the Birth of Jesus 1

Nativity or Bethlehem

Known as manger, mysteries, portals or little steps, it is a tradition that dates back to Italy in the XIII century, it is a visual representation practiced all over the world by Catholics and believers. Each place in the world has its own elements, but they all agree on the main images of the Child, the Virgin, the Virgin Mary, the Child's mother, and the Child's father. Maria and St. Joseph. This tradition serves to redeem the principles of poverty, humility and simplicity with which Jesus of Nazareth lived.

In countries such as Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador and other countries it is customary to have posadas, contests and house to house tours with people who interpret the Nativity or manger, this tradition is accompanied by Christmas carols or Christmas songs. In each home there is a small recreation of the nativity scene with wooden or ceramic figures, illuminated with lights and ornaments that mark the journey of the nets in their visit to the Child God.

Christmas Tree

Its origin dates back to a pagan ritual, which was changing over the years, at first it was a celebration in honor of the birth of the Sun God and Fertility, which coincides with the birth of the child God, represented the universe and the gratitude for the blessings received during the year, with the evangelization it became a symbol of the Catholic religion to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Its creator was St. Boniface, who adorned the pine tree with apples representing the sin The candles represented Jesus as the saving light of the world, a tradition that has changed over time, now using spheres, lights and other ornaments.

Decorating the tree is an act of love, family union and hope. The date of placement varies according to each country, but usually coincides with other religious festivities, accompanied by songs, meals and other celebrations.

Christmas Carols

The meaning of the word Aguinaldo, is a gift, present or overpayment that is usually made for Christmas or New Year. The aguinaldo is a musical style brought by the Spaniards and means the gift that is given to another or that another expects from one during the Christmas season. Music is something that cannot be missing in Christmas traditions and although all countries have their particular melodies and rhythms there is one thing they have in common and that is to sing in honor of the birth of Jesus. The songs are directed to life, faith and hope for families. The meaning of the word Aguinaldo, is a gift, present or overpayment that is usually made for Christmas or New Year.

Aguinaldos Masses

It is customary to wake up at dawn in December in an aguinaldo mass or Misa de Gallo. It gathers family members and friends In the church, which is particularly decorated for these dates and the mass is accompanied by aguinaldo songs that allude to the Christian theme that is celebrated on these dates, nine masses are celebrated ending on December 24 with the Birth of Jesus.

Las Parrandas

The parrandas are a musical genre that is only seen in the days of Christmas, accompanied by cuatro and maracas, the aguinaldos were transformed into parrandas. The parranderos go through the streets singing their Christmas serenades and expressing the experiences that are celebrated during the Christmas season. Unlike the aguinaldos, the parrandas dispense with the furruco and are sung throughout the year, their themes deal with everyday situations. Different musical instruments, such as the cuatro, can be used in the parranda.

Christmas Dinner

It is a tradition that cannot be missing in any home. familyThe Venezuelan and Ecuadorian hallacas; the Mexican, Costa Rican and Salvadoran tamales; the Argentinean barbecue and asado; the turkey and pernil typical of the American culture; the ham bread, sweet bread, cookies, sweets and other traditional recipes. Moros, beans and broths, as well as the typical liquor of each country, be it wine, rum, punch and other traditional beverages decorate the tables on Christmas Day.

In some countries there is a tradition of exchanging gifts and cards at midnight, on December 24, with the intention of thanking and showing affection for friends and family. Also known as secret friend or secret santa, it is valid to exchange good wishes instead of gifts.

Christmas Decoration

The lighting of the lights, the night of the candles, Christmas decorations and other ornaments are part of the Christmas traditions. It is customary to decorate the streets and homes with abundant lights that symbolize the joy for the arrival of the child God. The Advent Wreath is a tradition of Christian origin that symbolizes the four weeks of the Catholic Advent and is used to decorate the doors of homes and welcome the spirit of Christmas. Flowers, candles, mistletoe, reindeer, Santa Claus figures and colorful clothing are used to decorate homes during the holidays.

The Magi

It is known as Three Kings Day or Día de los Reyes. Three Wise Men and ends with the Christmas season, it is celebrated on January 6 and pays tribute to the three wise men who visited Jesus guided by the star of Bethlehem, Baltazar, Melchior and Gaspar arrive with gifts for the baby Jesus and the children. children They are accustomed to writing letters to bring them gifts.

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