Meaning of the prayer known as "The Lord's Prayer".

Talking about the prayer of the Father Our is to talk about the prayer model that Jesus Christ left us to address God. It is probably the best known and most popular prayer in the community. Christian. It is found in two of the gospels from the biblespecifically in Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4. Jesus Christ created this prayer to serve as an example to teach his disciples. how to pray.

It is clearly observed that this model of prayer is the one that pleases God, since in pure, simple and soulful words Jesus manifested many things. It should always be said from the depths of the heart and thus be able to manifest all that our being wants to say. By praying we can feel the power of God, His greatness and above all we can recognize in a great way the deep need we have for Him to help and strengthen us. Let us reflect a little on the meaning of the words of Our Father and learn to pray following the perfect example that Jesus gave us.

Meaning of the prayer known as "The Lord's Prayer" 1

We must recognize God

The phrase "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name" gives us to understand that the one we are addressing is none other than that supreme being called God who dwells in the heights of heaven. Like our Father, we are his children, we are part of his family He hears us and we have the privilege of talking to Him at any time of the day.

To address God we must always do so with respect and in an attitude of humility and praise, always giving him the place he deserves. Convinced of this, we pray to God, calling him by name so that he may look upon us.

We submit to your will

Every place where God is will be a place full of light and tranquility, things will be much better than we can imagine. That his kingdom comes to us is an excellent sign of benefits for everyone because God definitely knows what is best for all of us at every moment. With this phrase "Thy kingdom come, Lord, be it done according to thy will" we express the trust and confidence we feel for Him, recognizing that His kingdom and His will will will always suit us.

We need daily sustenance

"Give us this day our daily bread..." a well-known and emblematic phrase that we all know. There is no one who knows our daily challenges better than God. He knows in advance what we need, He is the one who supplies our daily needs and gives us the strength and courage to continue fighting. When praying, we should always ask for our daily bread, to help us with our specific needs. Our petitions should not include luxuries or vain things and should also include our brothers and sisters in all parts of the world, so that they may not lack bread. A sincere petition should include our desire that we may have food and shelter, and we should also be grateful for it.

Let us never forget that our source of supply comes from God and we should be grateful for all that He provides. That is why, to give the thank you by having the health to work and the strength to earn our livelihood should never be lacking. Absolutely everything we have comes directly because of the God's grace and we should be grateful and humble for it.

We ask forgiveness for all our faults

By mentioning "forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors" it is because the time has come to show our hearts, recognize our mistakes and ask God for forgiveness. Only the God of the universe is able to forgive us if we sincerely seek Him. He again mends our hearts and gives us the opportunity to start again.

In the same way, it is then up to us to examine ourselves and thus determine what has been our propensity to sorry those who have offended us. The same treatment that God has given us in forgiving us should be the same in forgiving those who have offended us. This is called justice, for if we forgive others their offenses our Heavenly Father will also forgive us. If, on the other hand, we do not forgive others their offenses, neither will our Heavenly Father forgive us our faults.

We ask for your help at all times

Our human weakness can cause us to fall if we are weak in a moment of temptation. But God will not abandon us in our fight against evil if we have the determination to face it. Let us recognize at all times that He is more powerful than the evil one and that His strength will help us to face temptation. Let us remember that if we use the armor of God we will have the true protection against the wiles of the enemy. God fights on our behalf and if we trust in Him we will obtain the ultimate victory.

That is why when we say "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil" we must be willing to trust in his help, thinking that he really can overcome evil to help us to be well.

Absolutely, all our prayers must always be made for the glory and honor of God, because ultimately to Him belong the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. We will never be able to defeat the evil one alone, we will never be able to obtain forgiveness of our sins alone, nor are we going to obtain the blessings from heaven alone, but everything will come from God, from his hands. Literally our lives are in his hands and it is only by his grace that we are sustained and move forward.

Let us never cast off the Lord since we need Him, let us never cease to give praise to His holy name and let us always turn to Him in prayer to express to Him our gratitude and all our human needs. We could never be more grateful to invest such valuable time to talk to God, straighten our ways and do our part to be cleansed of the sin and move on. All in all, the most direct beneficiaries of the rich blessings that are perceived by pray to God We will be us and these will come once we put into practice praying as Jesus Christ Himself taught and instituted.

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