The gifts of the Holy Spirit

They are special spiritual abilities that God, in the divine person of the Holy SpiritThe "Body of Christ" is given to Christians for the building up of the Body of Christ. These gifts or spiritual benefits should be used to bless each other and thus strengthen the Church of God. These gifts constitute the faculty that God gives to the believers to do what He has destined us to do.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit 1

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are an essential part of the totality of tasks that we must perform to fulfill God's purposes in our lives.

A large number of these gifts are known, the most named being wisdom, faith, healthIt is said that the Holy Spirit distributes the gifts among men according to his own criteria, such as miracles, prophecy, discernment of spirits, speaking and interpreting tongues or languages. It is said that the Holy Spirit distributes among men, the gifts according to his criteria. (Corinthians 12: 11)but that every Christian possesses at least one gift. However, as noted in Corinthians 12: 31We can aspire to be granted additional gifts and we can ask for them.

What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit

As God is infinite Thus, there is an infinite number of gifts of the Holy Spirit, known as divine attributes, or blessings The spiritual, which have been given to human beings for the glory of God and not of man himself.

Various classifications have been made of them; however, one of the simplest is considered to bring them together in three groups. The group of vocal or inspirational gifts, which includes prophecy and the use of dialects or languages, including their expression and understanding. The so-called power gifts, which include the gifts of faith, healing and miracles. Finally, the revelation group is composed of the gift of knowledge or science, wisdom and the gift of discernment of spirits.

Apart from these gifts, we know of other gifts that could be called minor or secondary but no less important, which in one way or another fit into the above classification. Among these can be mentioned the gifts of teaching, evangelism, administration, service, generosity, leadership and compassion.

Meaning of the gifts of the Holy Spirit

They signify the capacity that people receive to develop what can humanly be called special abilities, and which translate the expression of some condition or manifestation not of matter but of the spirit.

Among the diversity of thank you The meaning of the following is highlighted, even though there are still many more to be named.
The gift of love means the capacity of surrender and detachment for the benefit of God and of our fellow men, without at any moment the particular interest prevailing. The gift of faith, one of the most difficult to express, is the confidence that one must have in God and allows to stimulate in other people to have that deep confidence independently of the realities that are lived.

How to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit

The gifts given by the Holy Spirit must be used for the common good and not for private benefit. One must have sufficient knowledge and conviction that they have been given in the pursuit of a primary purpose such as the growth of the Church or Catholic Faith, with the ultimate and exclusive mission that God may be glorified.

Through them we obtain sufficient training to fulfill their work and for this, we must always act together as one body, thus achieving a better effectiveness in the functioning of the Church as a spiritual instrument of God. This can be affected when its members, who are all believers, fail to use or misuse the gifts granted.

They should not be used or interpreted as a reward, they are simply a gift given by God so that they can be used to promote help among others and to favor the approach to God. Using them properly expresses the recognition to God as a guide.

Effectiveness of the gifts of the Holy Spirit

The gifts lose importance when it comes to using them for one's own benefit, since the final purpose of their existence is the strengthening of the Church of God; because of this, the apostle Paul made a differentiation between the validity and the value of these gifts, affirming that in their totality they are all equally valid but not equally valuable, because the latter condition depends on the importance that their use has for the Church.

Each person should serve God according to the gift or gifts he or she possesses, but at the same time his or her actions should be in agreement and in union with those of others in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. It is necessary that all the gifts act and work together in order to obtain the full potential of the church. (Corinthians 12: 14).

Interpretation and significance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit

It should be emphasized that these spiritual gifts do not have fundamental importance for each person, to the point that there is no way to count the gifts that have been granted to each person. The important thing is to surrender oneself to the will of God, asking Him to know the needs of the Church and to help in the solution of these needs. In this way, the Holy Spirit can grant the necessary gifts for this purpose.

A difficulty that arises in putting the gifts into practice is when the believer remains confined to the use of a single gift of which he is consistent. On the contrary, God wants to be served through all our abilities and strengths; if new opportunities of service to the Creator are sought, other gifts will surely be granted with which we can contribute to the glory of God.

It should also be kept in mind that a person should not live in function of exercising only the gift or gifts granted, because in this way he or she loses other opportunities to serve God.

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