Authentic Love: What It Is and Where to Find It According to Biblical Teachings

The genuine love is the one that comes from GodHe who unselfishly loved us before we loved Him, for He loved us before He created us as His creatures. So authentic and true is the love of God to mankind that he sent, made man, to his Son to show us the right path and to teach us the sorry the errors committed by men, as John the Evangelist indicates (John 4:10). God's love is so deep that He granted humans the full freedom to be loved or not.

Authentic love: what it is and where to find it according to biblical teachings 1

God teaches us that we can only speak of true love when in addition to loving the people for whom we feel some affection, we are also capable of loving all those who differ from our way of thinking and acting, as is the case of those who contradict, insult, insult, denigrate and criticize us in general; in these cases, as Matero says (Matthew: 5: 44-45) love must be shown, praying for them so that they find the true path to the Creator.

Fundamentals of true love

There is an erroneous belief that love exists when it is reciprocated. That is to say that there must be a feedback between the one who gives love and the one who receives it so that the latter becomes at the same time a provider of love for the former; this gives love a sentimental aspect.

True love is based on giving oneself to another without expecting anything in return. Hence the biblical texts refer that love can only be based on truth, sincerity and surrender.

For true love to exist, rancor, resentment, anger, and envyThis allows us to recognize that real love involves a certain degree of human suffering and difficulties in order to experience and transmit it, since it requires detachment and surrender.

What really is love?

It is considered that defining love is very difficult; however, this meaning is true from the human point of view, there are some positive and some negative definitions and it can reach the extreme of those who deny the existence of love. The latter is incomprehensible because it denies the existence of God.

The Bible teaches us that God is love (John 4:8)Thus, real love can be defined with all the kindnesses and characteristics that we know God possesses. In a few words and in a limited way, we can say that love is surrender, kindness, patience, wisdom, understanding, detachment, solidarity and trust, among countless other characteristics.

True love is a conscious and voluntary commitment of surrender, independent of emotions and feelings, without seeking one's own benefit and without expecting anything in return, except for the approach to the Creator.

Where to get true love?

True love is found all around us, in our own environment; in other words, it is found in our neighbor. The manifestations of love towards our neighbor allow us to find true love, because through that love we love the one who gave us life.

It is inconceivable to manifest that one loves God but hates some person; because it is not possible to love Him while despising a creature created by Him. God urges us to love Him and to love our neighbor. From there it is concluded that he who loves God, consequently also loves his fellow men.

Authentic love is found within each person, by having the firm conviction and willingness to understand others in order to understand the behavior of each person, without justifying them if their behavior is wrong; on the contrary, all possible love is expressed by praying to God for that person.

Expressions of true love

Authentic love can manifest itself when we feel God's love internally. This allows all the blessings that He bestows upon us be transmitted to those who share our lives, for if we do not have love we cannot give it.

Once our hearts are open to God and we allow Him to flood us with love, our character is modified and with this we positively improve interpersonal behaviors.

When we allow God to love us, we receive forgiveness This enables us to learn to forgive our neighbor's faults and to show him our love, in spite of the human defects he may have.

The ultimate expression of true love was the presence of Jesus Christ on Earth, since through his sufferings and resurrection he exercised the forgiveness and remission of the sins of humanity to offer us the enjoyment of an eternity at his side. He did this out of love, without having received or expected anything in return.

Realities of human love

Among humans it is taken for granted that when we speak of love we are referring to romantic love. It should be understood that this is only one of the manifestations of love existing in humanity. Among others, there are the important filial love, friendship and work love.

Human love must be achieved without prior need, premeditation, or conditions of dependence; for this it is necessary that each person sincerely values himself and is aware that in order to love another, he must first love himself. All true love is based on what is given and not on what is received, as well as on trust, freedom, respect and the emotional development of each person.

In the case of romantic love it is important to tend to common objectives, well thought out and feasible, without establishing unilateral conditions of supremacy; in this aspect it should never be allowed to show signs of mistreatment, deceit, or manipulation of spiritual values. All these characteristics are always vulnerable if they are not recognized, which confers to human love the weakness of being finite, as illusions and promises with which it began.

This marks the great difference between true love and human love. The latter, in spite of being considered true, suffers from the imperfections that we have as humans and with the mistakes we make, tends not to be lasting in time. While true love, established between humanity and the Creator, if it is well nourished by men, it grows stronger and grows more each day, since God's love is infinite.

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