Special Bible verses to start the day off right

Each day is a new challenge for all of us, as each one has its own particular situation that makes us take courage to face it. Sometimes, we wake up discouraged and with no desire to face our new day, however in the bible there are some keys to start our day with determination and strength. These keys are contained in the following verses, which we hope can help you feel encouraged and courageous.

Special Bible verses to start the day off right 1.

Positive attitude towards everything

The way we look at things in life greatly influences how we feel and how we deal with the situations we face. Start each day in a positive way, always thinking about the good things you have around you. Life changes as we change our perspective on things and how we take on the challenges that await us.

Philippians 4:8 tells us that whatever is true, whatever is honest, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report, if there is any virtue, if there is anything worthy of praise, that is what we should think about. The most positive way to face life is to see it always from its most optimistic angles.

Let us be grateful

In the bible there are many verses where we are called to be thankful, however in Psalms 103:1-2 it says, bless the LORD, O my soul, and bless his holy name all my soul. Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits. At all times and in all places, let us remember to give thank you to God for all things, both good and not so good.

There are many blessings we receive from God on a daily basis. We should make it our goal to thank God for a few things each day. If we develop an attitude of thankfulness and love towards our God, we will be able to Father We will see how we will feel more capable to face the challenges of the future. life challenges.

We must ask for God's help

When we feel any spiritual or physical need, when we feel discouraged by some vicissitude or in general if we feel bad, let us tell God. God as a loving father, is always ready to listen to his children to help and encourage them. It is good to always set aside time for God every morning, to talk to Him and tell Him everything we feel, especially what you want to do that day. He will be attentive to your words and will answer your prayers in His time. At Psalm 5:3 says that in the morning the LORD will hear our voice and in the morning we will come to him and wait. A clear affirmation that we will be attentive to His answers in whatever form they come.

Offer everything you do to the Lord

In order to be successful in your day it is necessary to spend a few minutes organizing your agenda of priorities. Time well invested will ensure that all tasks are accomplished in an organized manner. It is very important to write down in the agenda all the tasks you need to do and prioritize each one of them.

Review in your mind the spaces in the day where you think you can include those tasks. Likewise, leave some time in your schedule for rest or to make room for any setbacks that may arise. In 1 Corinthians 10:31 it says that whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, let us do it all for the glory of God. Absolutely everything that we consecrate to God will be blessed and will be under his all-seeing and all-preserving eye.

Paying attention to the goodness of God

Definitely, all the things that God has given us in this life praise his holy name since everything is his and he has shared it with us. A simple fact to recognize this is to have the scriptures to read daily. God expresses his goodness through them and this is already a reason to give thanks. There are many people who for different reasons cannot see, others cannot read, others cannot speak and hear.

It is an enormous privilege that we are complete. To be thankful for it every day humbles us before God and is a good reason to start the day with joy. 1st Chronicles 16:34 tells us that we should praise the Lord because He is good and His great and everlasting love will endure forever. A heart full of gratitude will praise God every day and recognize the reality of his eternal love through simple things.

Let us show gratitude in everything

Gratitude to our Eternal Father should not be a private act but should also be manifested before other people, especially those of our own faith. It is very gratifying to praise God in the temples and together to participate in his blessings there. Our expressions of gratitude to God can be seen by others and can edify and encourage them to do the same for Him.

With determination let us express to God our gratitude for the wonderful goodness he pours out daily in our lives. As Psalm 100:4 says, let us enter his gates with thanksgiving and go into his courts with hymns of praise, giving thanks to him, praising his name.

Every day let us strengthen our trust in the Lord

Giving thanks to God every day will give us the strength we need to face all the circumstances of life. God as our protective mantle against the attacks of the adversary will always be at our right hand and at our left to protect us and carry us in his arms of love.

That confidence must be strengthened daily when we get up, we must not let that great flame that gives us warmth and strength go out. If we develop confidence in the Lord every day of our life we will never be alone in difficulties and He will give us the strength to overcome unpleasant events.

Doing this practice on a daily basis is a good way to praise God. Decide today to try to do your best for your personal benefit and for the glory of God. Once this practice becomes routine, you will see that your attitude will improve and everything you do will be done with pleasure and fervor.

In the Bible we find many verses that can become a source of inspiration in our daily chores. Today we only share some of them, of many that can serve you as a guide so that every day you can start a good day. Always remember that it is only God to whom we can turn to without failing us his love and presence in our hearts.

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