Psalm 91: God's Care

This is a psalm filled with life, which shows an image of Christ. It also makes revelations of an extraordinary place of safety and protection for all mankind. It speaks directly to the fears of every individual in the world and their need for protection and security.  

It enjoys popularity and preference among believing Christians, used by many people regardless of age, and who claim to have received blessings for him. With this it is clear that the central idea for the author of this psalm is based on the fact that God offers protection to those who draw near to Him.

Psalm 91: God's Care 1

The first two verses of this Psalm 91, point out the following:

He who lives under the protective shadow of the Most High and Almighty, says to the Lord, "You are my refuge, my castle, my God, in whom I trust!"

With these beautiful words we begin by describing the Lord Jesus Christ, a man free from sinholy and perfect. Always sheltered in the presence of God, that is, in the safest and most secret place. Teaching everyone that in order to obtain the promises offered by God must be lived in perfect union with Him, always doing His will.

Even if all good things fall apart, He will always stand by your side. For God is not afraid of your troubles. You should trust in God and you must also recognize him as the one who strengthens and shelters us. Without boasting or relying on one's own strength.

 Now, verses 3 to 5 of this Psalm 91 confirm this:

"He alone can deliver you from hidden plagues and deadly plagues, for He will cover you with His wings, and under them you will be safe. His faithfulness will protect you like a shield! Do not be afraid of dangers by night, nor of arrows shot by day."  

There is no doubt that God delivers from all evil those who fully trust in Him and surrender to His will. In these verses the author continues to use figurative language, describing faithfulness, protection and infinity. love of God for those who trust in Him. In other words, it gives full assurance that when one lives in that safe and secret place of God, He will give the freedom of those enemies, visible and invisible.

Likewise in verses 6 to 8, which express:

"Neither to the plagues that come with darkness, nor to those that destroy in the sunshine; for a thousand shall fall slain on your left hand, and ten thousand on your right hand, but nothing shall happen to you. You shall only witness it: you shall see the wicked receive their due."

In this part of the psalm the author expresses himself in favor of those who benefit. That is to say, those believers who live under the will of God, because by always living under his presence, no matter what problems arise, they will not be able to pass through the protection of the Almighty. For even if thousands fall by your side, those who are under God's care will remain intact. With this one should be extremely grateful to God for his grace and infinite mercy.

Let us continue with verses 9 and 10:

"Since you have made the Lord your refuge, the Most High your place of protection, no evil shall befall you, nor shall sickness come to your house."

What is written by the author in these verses refers to Christ. However, on reflection, these words can be understood as a great conditional promise that God makes to mankind.

Consequently, if you think you are not experiencing this divine protection, you should ask yourself: Are you living your life in the full presence of God? This will help you to understand that in order to see this promise fulfilled you must then fulfill the condition.

Now verses 11 and 12, these say:

"For he will command his angels to watch over you wherever you go. They will lift you up with their hands so that you will not stumble over any stone."

Through these words is revealed the way God takes care of his children. This way is through his angels, who take care of all the paths that lead to a full life in Him and to those who decide to follow them, because they (the angels) are part of the light of God by their hand we come to his presence.

While verse 13 states:

"You will be able to walk among lions, among monsters and snakes."

This verse refers to the enemy spiritual, that is, of Satan, which is described in the Bible like a lion and also like a snake.

Here is also a demonstration that victory is obtained by living under the shadow of God. Father Almighty. If you are close to God, his strength will be with you, that strength that not even Satan is capable of defeating.

Finally verses 14, 15 and 16 express:

"I will make him safe, out of the reach of all, for he loves me and knows me. When he calls to me, I will answer him; I myself will be with him! I will deliver him from distress and fill him with honors; I will make him enjoy a long life: I will make him enjoy my salvation!".

That perfect man (Jesus Christ) was in the clutches of death, being delivered by God on the third day, when He rose from the dead giving Him all the glory. Consequently, the conditions for salvation are clear and must be fulfilled to obtain it.

In these last verses of Psalm 91, God personally proclaims blessings for those who give themselves to serve Him. It also teaches that God only gives Himself to those who with a sincere heart surrender all their troubles to Him and honor Him.

Final Note

Some faithful believers take the custom of keeping the Bible open to the pages of this psalm and place it in a special place in their living room, as if it were a good luck charm. But these promises contained in Psalm 91 are the fruit of a very intimate relationship with God. These promises are a condition that offers permanent care in the lives of believers who have offered their lives to God. In such a way that he can live with peace and much trust in God regardless of the circumstances.

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