Psalm 51: Repentance of heart

The sincere repentance is more than a mere feeling, it is to act in the right way according to God's designs. It is to mold one's thoughts to His figure, at the same time that one receives from Him peace, peace of mind, peace of mind and peace of mind. sorryand redemption. By thinking according to the Word of God, the existence of the human being is aligned with his Word and he then walks on the right path.

Psalm 51: Repentance of heart 1

At the Bible there are great examples of people who committed terrible sins and by achieving a sincere, wholehearted repentance, they obtained the God's Forgiveness and were born again.

Let's see what Psalm 51 says about repentance

"By your love, O God, have mercy on me; by your great tenderness, wipe away my guilt. Wash me from my iniquity! sin! I acknowledge that I have been rebellious; my sin is not erased from my mind". (Psalm 51:1-3)  

This psalm was written by the King David after having committed adultery with Bathsheba, and indirectly having murdered the one who was her husband to stay with her. In the eyes of God his sin was grave.

To David He was aware of this terrible sin, and repenting with all his heart, he addressed these words to the Lord, imploring his great compassion. For just as he humbles himself asking for clemency for his sins, so must every person in the world act, even though their sins may bring them consequences. The important thing is to be at peace with God.

The great guilt that David felt in his soul did not allow him to be at peace with God or with himself, but his repentance was so deep that he managed to forgiveness of God and his soul and his whole being was purified.

Human beings are subjected daily to a process of spiritual growth, where they must die to sin and live by the spirit, needing to be washed in depth by the Word of God in order to overcome their nature inclined to evil.

"I have sinned against you, and against you alone, in doing evil, which you condemn. Therefore thy sentence is just; thy judgment is blameless" (Psalm 51:4). 

This verse shows an important statement, because David in spite of having committed his sin against Uriah, Bathsheba and even against his own body; His deepest pain was to have acted against God's designs.

This shows that God was the priority in David's life. So if you really desire to have and maintain a life pleasing to God, you must keep yourself in friendship intimate with Him.

"Truly I have been wicked from birth; I have been a sinner from the womb of my mother". (Psalm 51:5)

Every human being is born with the stain of original sin, this brings with it a sinful nature, the natural inclination to corruption, and this changes only when driven by the Holy Spirit one is born again, and is regenerated in his new nature.

"Truly, you love the sincere heart, and you have given me wisdom in my innermost being". (Psalm 51:6)

The Word of God really teaches "the truth in the innermost being". For it is only God whom you must serve and worship with all your heart, it is only He who can transform you, help you and use you with all His power.

The personal intimacy that you can have with the Lord is definitely the true condition to be always in His presence. For "the truth in the intimate" is the most valuable treasure in the spiritual life.

"Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Fill me with joy and gladness; make me glad again, though you have broken me. Remove my sins from thy sight, and blot out all my iniquities. O God, put a clean heart in me, give me a new and faithful spirit! Do not withdraw me from your presence or take your holy spirit from me. Make me feel again the joy of your salvation; sustain me with your generous spirit, so that I may teach the rebellious your ways and sinners may turn to you. (Psalm 51:7-13)

David uses the figure of hyssop to ask God to purify him, since it was used at the Passover to sprinkle the blood of the lamb, and in the old testament was used to sprinkle the priest's purified water.

As believers, it is recommended that you dedicate time to an encounter with God, to recognize your sins and ask forgiveness for them. And in this way be purified and sprinkled with the blood of Christ. As a symbol of regeneration of the spirit you should seek confession and repentance. And in this way the Holy Spirit will not abandon you.

Also in these verses David, thank you to his sins, he felt the inability to be an example or to preach to sinners the truths of God, so he sought to be cleansed and restored within himself. For by being in communion with God you are effective in preaching His Gospel.

"Deliver me from murder, O God, the God of my salvation, and I will declare with singing that you are righteous. (Psalm 51:14) 

This verse shows that it is necessary to seek confession but also to confess specifically the sin committed. David with these words asks forgiveness for his sin of murder, since in a certain way he had Uriah, who was Bathsheba's husband, killed.

"Lord, open my lips, and with my lips I will sing praise to you. For you do not want offerings or burnt offerings; I would give them to you, but it is not your pleasure. Offerings to God are a broken spirit; You do not despise a broken heart, O God! (Psalm 51:15-17)

For the God's grace sins are forgiven. Not because you are simply good. Being restored from sin leads to praise to God, thanksgiving for forgiveness, and the joy and gladness of obtaining salvation.

The truly repentant heart will never be despised by God. Keep in mind at all times that by recognizing that you are weak, you will be strong in the Lord.

"Do good to Zion, for your good pleasure; build up the walls of Jerusalem again. Then you will accept the required sacrifices, the offerings and the burnt offerings; then calves will be offered on your altar." (Psalm 51: 18-19)  

David in these verses asks God for his blessing for the whole nation, since being the king, the sins committed by his person would affect his people in the same way. But he also offers to God burnt offerings and sacrifices, to please God, as it was customary in the old covenant. In the old testament these acts were beneficial for all and its meaning was to "turn to God", in other words to put him first and worship him.

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