Psalm 121: Explanation of Security in a Troubled World

In a world like ours, the security of being well and protected from all tribulation is priceless. Truly, in whom do we trust and where do we place our trust to be protected? These are questions that we could answer in multiple ways, since everyone is free to trust in whomever or whatever he or she wishes. In reality, all the things that we think can protect us sooner or later may fail, except God. In the Psalm 121 we will be able to see who we can trust without any fear.

Psalm 121: Explanation of security in a troubled world 1

Raise your eyes to the mountain

Psalm 121:1-2 says that aWe will raise our eyes to the mountainsWhere will my help come from? Our help comes from the LORD, who made the heavens and the earth. This has a very special meaning. In ancient times God revealed Himself on the mountains, many of the important instructions to the prophets made them in those places.

For example, God appeared to Moses on Mount Oreb and gave him the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. Abraham was taken to Mount Moriah to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice. On the other hand, the Lord took the prophet Elijah to Mount Carmel and did the same with more biblical characters.

In the next part of the psalm the psalmist asks a question, Where will my help come from? We do not know how long it took the psalmist to write this psalm, perhaps it was a day, a month or a year. What is certain is that he himself answers by saying: help comes to me from the Lord who made the heavens and the earth. In other words, the help does not come from God's creation but from the Creator who made the mountains, the earth, the sea, the sky and all that is in them.

The Lord will not let us fall

In verses 3 and 4 it is said that He will not let our foot slip, He who guards Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. In these wise words the psalmist follows the thought he brought with him and says: since it is God who will help him, his foot will not slip, that is to say, there is security and stability when God is with us. God does not sleep, He is not like us who are exhausted and overcome by sleep, but He takes care of us every second of our lives. He takes care of us from the moment we are born until we die and if we have accepted Him with our hearts, He will take care of us and watch over us forever and ever.

Jehovah will be our guardian

In verse 5 we are told that the Lord is our guardianis our shadow at our right hand. In this verse the psalmist speaks with a certainty and firmness from the depths of his heart and soul. In the second part of the verse he tells us that the Lord is our shadow at our right hand. This means that the Lord will never depart from you just as your own shadow will never depart from your side. Whenever you go to a place your shadow goes with you, there is no way to be separated and in this way the psalmist compares it to God, since the presence of the Lord will always be at our side.

The Lord will be our protector at all times

In verse 6 it says that the sun shall not smite us by day nor the moon by night. Apparently the psalmist remembers when the people of Israel left the land of Egypt, where God was their guide through the desert. During the day He was a cloud to shade His people from the sweltering heat and at night He was a pillar of fire, which gave them warmth and lit their way so that they could see where they could walk.

Jehovah will guard our soul

In verse 7 it says that Jehovah will keep us from all evil, he will keep our soul. Here it is understood that there is a point where the enemy He cannot harm us and it is in the soul itself if we do not allow him to do so. God told Satan that he could touch Job's body but not his soul. The body can die but the soul cannot, if we have received Jesus Christ in our heart the enemy can never harm us.

The Lord is with us from the beginning to the end.

In the last verse, number 8 tells us that Jehovah will guard our departure and our entrance from this time forth and forevermore. The psalmist inspired by the Lord tells us that God keeps our going out and our coming in in every place for all eternity. How beautiful is our God who always cares for us from beginning to end.

Our Father Celestial is not like the things of this earth. God does not need to sleep, does not commit recklessness and has no weak points. Because he has all the power we imagine, he will never fail. If we look at our situation and see what is around us, we might believe that the problems are worse than what we see. It is at that moment that we wonder if there really is security in this world.

This psalm tells us that all problems and dangers are tiny in comparison to God. There is nothing and no one stronger than God. For this reason, we should put all our trust in Him, secure in the knowledge that He can protect us and keep us safe.

Absolutely, all human beings face problemsBut with God at our side, all adversity is diluted and disappears. Psalm 121 makes the precise comparison of God with a shadow that protects us from the strength of the sun. When God is at our side He covers us and protects us from the fiercest attacks. If we love Jesusfear will disappear because we will have security in God, who never changes and never abandons us in any situation.

Obviously, we cannot expect a perfect life, but even in the midst of everything we face Jesus Christ will be at our side to support us. With the support of God and his son Jesus Christ we will be able to destroy the darts of the adversary because they will be our constant refuge and our perpetual security. We should not be afraid, let us trust in God's hands because He will take care of us forever.

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