God's promises as a guide for a favorable life

Already from the creation of the world, God manifested some conditions so that the development of its inhabitants would be carried out with harmony and peace, establishing at the same time a kind of covenant, which contained promises on His part, to guarantee a healthy earthly life and a healthy and peaceful environment. glorious eternal life.

God's promises are contained in what is commonly referred to as His promises. Holy Wordwhich has been transmitted in different ways. Sometimes by divine apparitions, such as the annunciation of the birth of Jesusor through the words of the prophets, or in revelations through the Holy Spiritand in great quantity by the testimonies experienced during the life of Jesus among men.

God's promises as a guide for a favorable life 1

Most of these promises are contained in both the Old and New Testaments. New Testament and its reading and teachings, has allowed those who have faith to overcome difficulties and to obtain spiritual strength to face them, always having the firm belief that God fulfills His promises.

What God's promises consist of

They are the innumerable declarations that God has transmitted, in different ways, to men and of which it is certain that they will be fulfilled. (Corinthians 1:19-20) given the almighty character that He has; however, it must be taken into consideration that certain previously established conditions must also be fulfilled on the part of humans.

God's promises have a bearing on the different aspects of the life of all mankind and have always been made for the benefit of mankind, God receiving in return the satisfaction that his demands are fulfilled with love and detachment in order to glorify him.

Are God's promises always fulfilled?

God always keeps his promises, and for this reason his word should never be doubted. Already in the Old Testament it is said:

"Know ye therefore with all your heart and with all your soul, that there hath not failed you one word which the LORD your God spake concerning you: all have happened unto you, there hath not failed you one of them" (Joshua 23: 14).

Such is the certainty of the fulfillment of God's promises, that he has never changed or modified them, on the contrary, he has even expressed that he will not forget what he has promised. (Psalm 89:34).

 God's promises are contained in the Bible

Fulfilling the fundamental mandates contained in the Tablets of the Law given to Moses, we can be convinced that what God promised us will come to us and that in one way or another, it is contained in the Bible.

As an example we can list some of the best known promises. Thus we have that he has promised forgiveness to our faults (John 1:9)to provide a solution to our needs (Philippians 4:19)to free ourselves from temptations (Corinthians 10:13)to grant us health and healing (Jeremiah 30:17)to live together and keep the peace (Isaiah 26:3)to do actions that are impossible and inexplicable to the human mind. (Luke 18:27), the resurrection of men (John 5:28-29)eternal life (John 2:25)the new coming of Jesus (John 14:2-3) and the end of sufferings, including pain, suffering, and the diseases and death, when it expresses in Apocalypse 21:4: 

"God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away."

General promises and specific promises

In the Holy Scriptures there is a diversity of promises, but we must see that there is a differentiation between the majority of them that are destined to a whole group of persons and that can be called general promises and those, in smaller number, referred to particular persons or cases and that can receive the name of specific promises.

Among the general pledges are the offer of sorry sins (John 1:9)to leave our worries in God's hands (Philippians 4:6)to keep our thoughts and hearts under the power of the divine (Philippians 4:7).  

Specific promises are addressed to specific people at very precise times. Thus we read in Luke 2: 35 that God says: "and a sword will pierce your very soul...", words that were addressed to Maria, Mother of Jesus. At Acts 13:47, a promise made to Isaiah in reference to Jesus, but which the apostle Paul made his own in order to be guided in his mission to make the Gospel of the knowledge of the Gentiles.

Particularities of God's promises

God's promises are commonly preceded by the word "If", which gives them a conditional connotation and is observed mostly in general promises. This conditional character is due to the fact that the fulfillment of these promises by God depends on the response of the human being to the divine demands or commands.

Another peculiarity is that they do not have a pre-established time to be fulfilled; that is, we cannot pretend to know when or how they will come true.

On the other hand, divine promises do not obey our will, they do not come true when we want them to or when we consider that it is time for them to be fulfilled. On the contrary, such promises are subject to God's will, a condition that does not help us to fully trust in Him.

Confidence in divine promises

Sometimes doubts arise in relation to the fulfillment of God's promises because it is interpreted that it takes too much time to see such fulfillment. In view of this, it should be kept in mind as a main premise that God never lies and secondly, it should be remembered that in divine matters time is infinite; that is to say, what for men a period of time may seem very long, for God is an instant. All this leads to the fact that one must have great patience in waiting for God's promises and that having faith, they will surely be fulfilled.

Based on the promises it is customary to turn to God asking for his help in the resolution of problems that afflict us daily and we all wish that these would be solved immediately. Since this is usually not the case, we tend to lose the hope and many times to deny before God. This constitutes a very serious error, since it demonstrates our little faith.

Any assistance from God should be requested, remembering that everything is done according to His will and not according to our will. This demonstrates the trust we have in Him (John 5:14)He always listens to us according to his will.

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