Prayer: what it is, how to pray, reasons why we should pray

When we turn to God, when we raise our eyes to the our supplications to the LordWe are praying, because to pray is to converse with the Creator. Some people mistakenly think that to pray is to read a prayer by repeating a text written by someone. Without detracting from the merits of these writings, they are simply words previously written that do not necessarily express the feelings of those who read them at a given moment.

Prayer: what it is, how to pray, reasons why we should pray 1

To pray is to talk to Godtherefore Prayer is the moment in which each person chooses to converse with his or her best friend who is God. We pray every time we establish spiritual contact with the Supreme Being, either because we are going to thank Him for something, or we are going to ask Him for help, or we simply wish to talk to a true friend.

In order for us to converse with God and for Him to hear our word, we must please Him, and for this it is necessary to comply with His demands contained in the commandments that He has given us (John 3: 22).

What is prayer?

To pray is to open our heart to GodWe should do so with the utmost sincerity and having repented of all the faults we have committed.

Prayer is an act between God and us, through which we seek and obtain direct communication with Him, hence it is advisable that it be done with the greatest possible recollection, isolated from all distracting conditions.

To pray is to desire We spend most of our time conversing with God, because even though He already knows our needs and our thoughts, as we are already aware of our needs and our thoughts, as Father who is, needs and desires to hear the words of his children. Prayer strengthens our relationship with God, increases our closeness by sharing our thoughts, doubts and fears, and in return He will solve many of our problems.

How should we pray?

Its own Jesus speaks of prayer (Matthew 6: 5-8) and says that it should not be done with hypocrisy, doing it so that others see that we are praying, nor should it be done with fancy words so that others praise our vocabulary.

A simple way to structure our moments of prayer is to begin humbly praising and worshiping God, expressing our trust and faith, then we can express our petitions of the moment, we ask for the sorry for our faults, asking him for strength to face temptations and evil, and ending by praising him again and thanking him for all that he gives us.

All of the above must be done with humility while at the same time attesting to the greatness of God.

The best example of Prayer to communicate with God

It has been called the Model Prayer and was taught to his followers by Jesus himself (Matthew 6: 9-13) and is known as the Our Father. This simple prayer allows the approach to God by fulfilling the fundamentals at the moment of praying.

Initially to the turn to the Lord we acknowledge his holiness, we ask for his presence among us and we accept his will which must be fulfilled on Earth as it is fulfilled in Heaven, thus expressing absolute confidence in his reign.

We then ask Him to provide us with what is necessary to meet our physical needs during the day and more importantly our spiritual needs. We immediately ask God to forgive our faults and sins, with the understanding that we also forgive all those who have offended us. Finally, we beseech Him to protect us from all evil and to give us the strength to never again fail to fulfill His commandments.

Reasons to pray

The main reason is that prayer brings us closer to God, giving us an unbeatable opportunity to tell Him everything we think, to ask for His help and to ask Him to fill us with His gifts. blessings and wisdom. When we pray, what we are doing is simply approaching the Lord, thus fulfilling what James tells us:

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." (James 4: 8).

More specific reasons for praying can be mentioned; among them is to glorify God and this is done when one asks Him according to His will and in the name of Jesus (John 14: 13). It should be kept in mind that God desires everything good for us, but we should seek Him and ask Him to encourage our communication with Him, who has said:

"Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you." (Matthew 7: 7-9).

Another reason for praying is that through prayer we are granted health spiritual and physical and we also receive God's peace. We can present all our worries before God, giving them to Him and thanking Him for not having to face our problems alone, with the understanding that Prayer has immense power (Corinthians 5: 21). The spiritual peace that Prayer confers is so great that it allows us to understand the difficulties without worrying, with the hope and the certainty that we will obtain the Creator's help.

Benefits of praying to God

The Prayer is an effective tool to obtain health care spiritual, since by asking through it, we are able to forgiveness We achieve our sanctification through our faults, especially when we pray with recollection, entrusting our life to God and accepting his will.

Another benefit is that it strengthens us to overcome temptations that can sometimes be so subtle that we do not notice them; with prayer we gain power to overcome them and wisdom to act correctly.

Prayer prepares us for difficulties and gives us energy when they arise. In order to resemble Jesus in his sufferings, the human being is not free from bitterness of any kind and in these cases Prayer is effective.

Final thoughts

We must always approach with trust in God to receive his blessings, so that we may have his mercy at times when we need it.

For believers, Prayer is transcendental, it should not be seen as just another activity in our lives, but it should be assumed as a discipline that is done constantly and persistently. Jesus himself was a continuous practitioner of Prayer, always doing it with submission and reverence towards God the Father. This should be the best example to follow in order to always cultivate the practice of Prayer and doing it as God the Son did; asking God the Father to help us to do it. Holy Spirit to enlighten us and give us the most appropriate words to pray with wisdom and according to the will of the Lord.

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