Most popular biblical advice for young people

The youth is one of the most idyllic stages of the human being. The truth is that it passes very quickly and that is why we should always make the most of every moment of this stage. Investing in what we really like to do is something that is worthwhile as long as we are always healthy.

If there is something truly worthwhile and wise to do, it is to acquire actions in the Kingdom of God, and these are acquired only by being obedient to Him. Those people who from their youth dedicate their lives to serve God will not waste their time, since the Lord rewards those who serve Him. That is why wasting time on superficial things is a waste of time. blessingsSo we must live for God from our youth. Below you will find some verses that will help you to walk hand in hand with the Lord and thus lead a life more focused on Jesus Christ and his teachings.

advice for young people

True strength comes from God

The real strength comes from the one who can do all things, from God, it comes from nowhere else. It is probable to think that physical strength is the most important but spiritual strength is the one that surpasses any understanding. To abide in the word of God is to have the strength to overcome the evil one. Every day we must nourish ourselves with the word of God in order to overcome.

In 1 John 2:14 the apostle John wrote to parents and young people. To the parents he said clearly that they already knew about God because they had kept the word and to the young people because they were strong and that thank you a obey God's word had kept them stronger to overcome the evil one.

Going hand in hand with God

If from your youth you decide to go the hand of God probably when you reach an older age you will be thankful that you made that decision. If you choose from your heart to do God's will from your youth you will gain a permanent companion who will take care of you in all things. As Lamentations 3:27 says that it is good for a man to learn to bear the yoke from his youth with the intention of acquiring discipline and order in God's way.

Probably the thought of a yoke brings to mind submission such as when the oxen have no choice but to walk the same path. Not so, to bear the yoke of God means to let yourself be guided by Him and to bear the yoke with Him. Very surely later on when you look back you will see the beauty of a plowed path with the best companion, the Father Celestial.

Demonstrate humility to God and others.

In order to be in grace with God in order to enjoy his blessings we must be humble. Listening to others' ideas and trying not to impose anything on anyone is the key to being humble and empathetic to your surroundings. Do not impose your own opinion on others, listen to them, accept them and treat them with respect and consideration. The Heavenly Father will surely reward you for your good deed. This is how the apostle Peter explained it in 1 Peter 5:5-6 when he said that God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

Enjoying life but with prudence

Taking time for enjoyment and recreation is very important. Our Heavenly Father wants you to enjoy your whole life and your youth is part of it.. You must only do so wisely, setting your decisions and actions on things that will please God. In Ecclesiastes 11:9 a responsible call is made to young people to rejoice in their youth, let your heart enjoy adolescence. As long as you follow your impulses in a good way all will be well because God will judge you for everything you do.

Honor your father and mother

It is a commandment with promise, for whoever obeys it will have his days lengthened on the land that the Lord his God gives him. Children should honor and love their parents, be obedient to them and treat them with great respect. It is a commandment that is given to all of us so that we will be blessed in our old age because thanks to honor our parents our children will honor us and take care of us.

And those who have no children shall be cared for by loving people as if they were their children. Deuteronomy 5:16 speaks of the express promise of long and prosperous life to those who faithfully keep this commandment of God.

Treasure the word of the Lord

If there is something that the bible provides for everyone is the way how we can find solutions to our problems through its reading. The bible has a number of topics that if you read them daily and even memorize them you will be able to know the right way to approach a given situation and thus live a peaceful and happy life hand in hand with God. At Psalms 119:11, we are told to treasure in our hearts the sayings of the Lord so that we do not sin against Him. The key is to look for the right passage of scripture for the right situation.

Always be a good example

Let no one look down on you because you are younger. On the contrary, may all others see in you an example to follow by your conduct, manner of speaking, in faith, in love and purity, as stated in 1 Timothy 4:12.

Sometimes we may think that the way we dress or speak will not have an effect on others. This is not the case because it is of great importance the inspiration that you can awaken in others through your example. Observing a young man or woman who has a marked devotion to God from the heart can be a great blessing to many. Strive to be an example in the way you speak, dress, walk, and generally relate to others.

Choose who you should hang out with

Proverbs 23:19-22 gives us a very wise exhortation about who we should be with. Keep to the straight path and do not associate with those who drink much wine, nor with those who fill themselves with meats. For drunkards and gluttons will end up in rags and poverty. It is better to listen to your father who begot you and not to despise your mother when I am old.

This is not to say that we are not kind to others, we are all kind to each other. we are children of God but we must guard against bad habits that can harm us and even our families. The best friends are those who always have our same aspirations, dreams and noble desires.

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