Joshua: Be strong and courageous.

About Joshua

His real name was Hosea and was renamed by Moses like Joshuawhich means Salvation. At that time, Moses fulfilled multiple functions for the benefit of the people of Israel, but essentially he was the man closest to God, with whom he spoke directly as his friend. Having fulfilled all his missions and seeing the approaching end of his earthly existence, God inspired Moses to choose Joshua as his successor.

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Joshua was instructed and taught by Moses, who also transmitted to him all his powers so that he would have the capacity to continue guiding the people of Israel. Joshua was possessed of great humility and always respected God's authority, which facilitated the learning of the teachings transmitted through Moses.

Joshua Prophet

It is one of the most notable prophets known, being recognized and venerated by three important religions such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity. He was selected along with eleven other characters, as secret emissaries to conquer the region of Canaan and in the midst of the struggles facing the opposition of the people, he and his companion Caleb were the only ones to maintain his trust in God.

This faithfulness and his demonstrated humility led God to choose him, commanding Moses to set him apart as the leader of Israel, ordering him to do so through the laying on of hands. (Numbers 27:18-23). With these blessingsJoshua was given a spiritual preparation and direct revelations from God (Deuteronomy 31:14, 23; Joshua 1:1-9).

From there, Moses exhorted Joshua to be in readiness to be Israel's guide, since it was up to him to lead them into Canaan, once Moses was gone. When this happened, the people of Israel followed Joshua as their leader (Deuteronomy 34:9).

Joshua's fears

It is reported that Joshua was a good soldier and warriorHe was a sort of Moses' lieutenant, always showing loyalty and courage. However, in divine matters it is thought that he came to show fears before the importance and transcendence of the roles that corresponded to him to play.

It is possible that these fears could have been due to several causes, among which the following can be inferred: did he think that he could never fulfill the functions that Moses had performed, by belittling himself next to Moses; did he think that the difficulties he had to face as a guide were too much for his capacity as a man; did he consider that he would not obtain the recognition of the people he was assigned to lead; did he consider that he would not obtain the recognition of the people he was assigned to lead?

However, he put his trust in God and obeyed all of His commands. This gave him all the courage he needed to continue his task, even in the midst of his fears, thus demonstrating that in the face of fear, one cannot be a coward, but must make use of thank you given by God, such as loveThe power, the detachment from material attachments and the mastery of our defects.

Joshua's election as leader of God's people

Joshua was chosenThe choice of Joshua, more than by Moses himself, was made by God himself as his successor to assume the function of spiritual leader of the people of Israel. This choice was propitiated by several characteristics that defined Joshua's personality. Among these can be mentioned the following.

He demonstrated to know how to be under the authority of other people being a true disciple for spiritual learning, without imposing his own criteria and acting with the utmost patience; from a young age he was responsible which guaranteed that he would be a reliable leader; in spite of his fears, being a warrior, he possessed courage; he knew what the needs of his people were.

Most importantly, he was a man who learned how to have great trust in God, which was repaid by filling him with the divine Spirit so that he would always act according to the Lord's designs.

All of the above makes Joshua the ideal person to succeed Moses, since he knew how to interpret and make good use of God's blessings until he led the people of Israel to the Promised Land.

Joshua be strong and courageous

Joshua 1:9 reads:

"Listen to what I command you: Be strong and of good courage. Fear not, nor be dismayed, for I am the Lord your God, and I will be with you wherever you go."

It seems that these words were pronounced by God prior to the beginning of the people's entry into the Promised Land, which up to that moment was occupied by a warlike and strong people. On the other hand, the people of Israel were not easy and having revealed themselves before against Moses, they could disobey Joshua with more reason.

He must have felt or manifested real fear before the enterprise he had to undertake and he could have asked for divine help, or God in His wisdom spoke to him asking him to make an effort, to be brave and that He would be by his side, without abandoning him.

In these words God asks him to put all his trust in Him, to have faith. At no time does he suggest that he should make use of his qualities as a person or as a warrior, simply that in the face of such a complex and difficult activity, he should act with all his trust in God, knowing that he will never be abandoned by Him.

That is why Joshua continues with his mission to conquer the Promised Land for Israel, with the certainty and certainty that he will succeed.

Should we make an effort and be brave?

Joshua's experience is a great teaching for believers. All of us are presented, at a given moment, with the need to adopt strong and decisive responsibilities, either in our own lives or in the lives of others. familyat work or with oneself. These struggles can only be won if they are done with the help of God, who has promised us and always fulfills His promises. promisesHe will be at our side if we trust and have faith in Him, giving us strength and courage to face difficulties.

Reflecting on the passages of Joshua, one can have the boundless confidence of having God's assistance when we are presented with problems that are unsolvable for the human being, which must be done with sufficient humility to recognize our limitations as humans and that everything must happen according to the will of the Lord.

We must make a commitment to live according to God's teachings and commands, knowing that we will never be exempt from experiencing difficulties and problems, as happened to Joshua, but that in the midst of them we will feel supported by God, who will help us to emerge victorious.

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