How to know more about the Bible?

In this article you will be able to find in a very detailed and specific way, interesting facts from the Holy Bible. And speaking of holy things, it is truly a miracle that 4,000 years of sacred and secular history of the Bible have been recorded and preserved throughout time by the various prophets and inspired men.

The The Bible is a sacred and holy record of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.and the foundation of all Christianity worldwide. Certainly, it can be said that it is no coincidence that we have this scriptural record today.

We should be thankful to have at our disposal this such a powerful bookFrom him we learn not only about the life, teachings and doctrines of Christ, we learn about His Church, His Priesthood and about the organization that He established and called the Church of Jesus Christ at that time.

Although the people who were involved in the compilation and organization of the Bible did their best, there were still inspired writings that were not included. There are several books of Scripture mentioned in the Bible that are missing or lost for various reasons.

Many efforts have been made to organize and preserve the writings of the Old Testamentincluding the Septuagint (Greek) text and an earlier Hebrew text that eventually became known as the Masoretic text. The Septuagint was the Greek translation of the Old Testament writings that were compiled around 200 BC. The Hebrew text was shaped around A.D. 90 at a council of Jewish scholars held at Jamnia; they decided that the Septuagint was to be a Greek translation of the Old Testament writings. books of the Old Testament were authoritative and which were not. Between the seventh and tenth centuries a group of Jews known as the Masoretes further revised and solidified the Hebrew text.

We will then provide you with interesting facts about this wonderful and sacred bookand you will realize, as mentioned above, that it is not by chance or coincidence, but truly an inspired book from above, despite human errors, they are truly God's instructions and guidance given to man to instruct and direct you in this short earthly path.

the bible

How many chapters are there in the Bible?

The Bible has a total of 1,189 chapters.

How many verses are there in the Bible?

The total number of verses in the Bible is 31,187.

How many words are there in the Bible?

The Sacred Record contains 773,746 words.

How many letters are in the Bible?

the Bible contains 3,5666,480 letters.

How many chapters are there in each gospel?

Matthew: 28 Chapters.

Mark: 16 Chapters.

Luke: 24 Chapters.

John: 21 Chapters.

How many pages are there in the Bible?

The Bible averages 1200 pages.

What is the shortest book of the Bible?

The shortest book is 2nd John, with only 1 chapter and 13 verses of it.

What is the shortest Psalm in the Bible?

The Psalm 117 .

How many verses does the shortest psalm in the Bible have?

It has 2 verses.

We can conclude that the Bible, as it has been handed down through the centuries, has suffered the loss of many clear and precious parts.

Nowadays you can get many versions of the Bible. Unfortunately, no original manuscript of any part of the Bible can be found for comparison to determine the most accurate version.

Although many versions of the Bible may be easier to read than the King James Version, when it comes to doctrinal matters, this is the most complete and appropriate for a better understanding of the tips from Father Heavenly towards us His children.

Finally, we invite you to search through this powerful volume of scripture that will give you more light in your life and guidance in this fast paced world.

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