How to face the darts of the enemy of all righteousness

Today it is very common to find people with different types of problems, ranging from the temporal to the spiritual. Although each one of us was born with the light of Christ or what we call conscience can't prevent us from some serious challenges if we don't heed our conscience. the impressions that God will give us through the Holy Spirit. Human beings face many situations every day that require us to be careful on many occasions due to the intensity of the damage they can cause us.

How to face the darts of the enemy of all righteousness

Many times we attribute these mishaps to destiny, to others and even to God Himself without stopping for a moment to meditate on where they really come from. In the scriptures we find countless examples of people who, because they did not pay attention to the impressions of the Holy Spirit, committed many sins with very regrettable consequences. However, in the same scriptures we also find examples of people who, through their obedience, were able to get out of their problems just by being prudent and being protected by the Holy Spirit. armor of God.

But, What is the armor of God? The armor of God are elements that provide us with everything we need to be protected from the darts of the enemy, just like a warrior who goes to war.

In Ephesians chapter 6 that was written by Paul to the Ephesians, In the course of verses 10 to 18, Paul tried to encourage them to keep a firm faith in the Lord. Because mental wars are launched at all times, one must be in good condition to protect oneself. These attacks on the spirit by Satan, the enemy of all righteousness, and his forces of evil can cause doubts to manifest in us to practice faithto be tempted, to succumb to sin or feel that we are not good enough to speak and practice the word of God.

Paul explained how faith is our shield against spiritual attacks, referring to metaphors that contain powerful teachings. He described the armor of God, which includes the tools God gave to all his children so that we could defend ourselves and overcome the attacks of evil. By symbolically putting on this armor, we will strengthen our will and even strengthen our faith in the face of attack.

This armor is great, moreover, the significance of its various parts have not been assigned by accident, on the contrary, each part has an important meaning and value. Let's take a closer look at this armor.

Let us seek the power of God

At Ephesians 6:10-13  he says:

Now, brethren, seek the power of Jehovah with his irresistible might. Protect yourselves with all the armor that God has given you so that you may be able to stand firm against the devil's deception. For we are not fighting against human power, but fighting against the evil and spiritual powers of heaven, which have command, authority and dominion in the dark world around us. Therefore, take up all the armor that God has given you so that you may be able to resist the evil day and stand firm when you are fully prepared.

Lucifer cannot be defeated by your own fleshly strength. God is the only one who can give you strength and power to overcome it. To obtain the Lord's power, you must first find Him, know Him internally and accept Him. You seek him through the prayer daily, reading his scriptures and knowing his ways and also keeping his commandments as much as possible. If you accept his doctrine, you can accept it with faith in your heart.

Christians face a new challenge spiritual enemythat is to say, the fight is literally spiritual. Therefore, the weapons used for defense are invisible and you need sufficient spiritual power. Satan and evil people have a variety of weapons, comparable to war missiles, but the armor provided by God can make you resist all these attacks of the evil one.

This biblical passage clearly shows that if you follow all the instructions on the use of the armor expressed in Paul's letter to the Ephesians, you will be steadfast, no matter what strategy Satan uses, because good will always win.

What is the armor of God?

At Ephesians 6:14-18 he says:

Therefore, stand firm, gird your waist with the truth, put on the breastplate of righteousness, and shod your feet with the gospel of peace. Take up the shield of faith and use it to extinguish all the darts of the enemy. Wearing the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God; praying at all times with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit at all times, and watching thereunto with perseverance and supplication for all the saints.

Evidently, this type of armor lacks nothing, moreover, the functions performed by its various parts are not compared to material things that can protect the body but to spiritual things that can protect our own spirit.

We must stick to the truth

The first element that appears in the armor is the truth. Because God thinks that lying is contrary to his nature. Therefore, to attain sanctification and deliverance, you must put on the truth.

This truth is limited to those who choose to use it, which does not allow them to fall into any kind of lie. Everyone who walks in the way of truth will be free and truth has power. Truth drives away the power of evil.

In other words, this form of expression invites you to believe in the truth found in God's word and in the life plan he has made for you, and it should inspire you to live a life free from sin and lies. Consider that you will not be prepared to fight unless you have not girded yourself with the truth that is the word of God and his understanding.

We must put on the breastplate of Justice

The armor can protect the warrior of lethal damage to the heart and other vital organs. The righteousness referred to is not human righteousness but the righteousness of Christ which is granted by God and accepted by faith. This righteousness protects our minds from Satan's attacks and also protects our hearts. As long as you have the assurance of being close to God, i.e. being righteous and faithful, you can be protected from the enemy's attacks.

For example the sin of jealousy. There are many ways to attack the spirit, but suddenly, the attack can appear in a friend who is very popular, which is not the case with you. In the face of such an attack, you must remember the sacrifices that Christ made for you and the blessings that God has poured into your life, so that you can overcome this feeling of jealousy and love others as Christ loves us.

We must wedge our feet with the gospel of peace

If you find that your path is made of glass and sharp stones and you cannot move forward because you are barefoot, in this case, you will not be able to go very far. Therefore, you must keep your feet well protected. As those who preach the gospel, you must stand with fortitude in spite of the suffering that this reason may cause.

This statement shows that in the face of Satan's attack, one must be aware of the hidden traps. Satan is crafty and will prevent the expansion of God's Kingdom at all costs and will use multiple obstacles to prevent God's purposes from being achieved.

Spending time preaching the gospel can strengthen your spirit. Let his peace fill your life and heart as you share his word and pray that God will give you the courage to stand up and become the voice of his great news.

We must take up the shield of faith

This phrase motivates you to believe in the word of God. This means knowing his words, which is a necessary condition for faith to flourish. For if you do not believe what he says the Biblethen what good can it do you. If you believe in what God says, you will receive a protection similar to a shield of war.

In temptation, the devil shoots evil arrows directly into your mind because that is the central part of reason, i.e., the ability to decide whether to obey to God or fall into temptation and the joy of obeying the flesh. Do not forget that faith always goes against fleshly desires.

By reading and assimilating the word of God and spend time with Him you will understand God's word as you nurture faith. Fill your mind with the knowledge of the truth so that you know who God is and God knows who you are so that you can use the truth when doubts attack you. Therefore, make the arrow of temptation launched by Satan really bounce back at you.

We must wear the helmet of salvation

The helmet is the same as a helmet and helps protect the mind as a helmet protects the head. Because Satan uses your mind as a battlefield if you are busy updating it every day with the knowledge of God's word, this will protect it from evil. The certainty of salvation must be clear. Keep the gratitude to God because in times of war it is easy to doubt and to believe that we are not capable of fighting the battle.

Always remember that you can be saved, Jesus gave his life for you. God loves you and you are his son precious. Under the premise of not deviating from the truth and the word of God, obey and trust in God and live your own life according to His will.

The Sword of the Holy Spirit

With the sword of the Holy Spirit, we face Satan's attack and he is attacked with the power of truth. This is the last part of the great armor, but not the least important, because it comes from God, it is the Holy Spirit who testifies that his words are real.

Once again, the importance of understanding God's way is illustrated. It is not just intellectual knowledge, but knowledge from the thought to the heart. This is the best offensive weapon we can use and the only weapon that can defeat the enemy of all righteousness.

However, no one can have victory simply by using this spiritual sword but must also use the rest of the armor to achieve victory.

Keep God's word in your heart and live according to its principles. This will help you to really fight against lies and every unrighteous deed.

Pray at all times

Fervent prayer can help us obtain more benefits than we expect. People who are not used to praying should first discipline themselves and then little by little the Spirit will increase the desire to pray alone more often.

Constant prayer adds to the treasures of heaven and thank you to the true presence of God through her, patience and tenderness will naturally blossom in your life.

We will be protected from the darts of the adversary when we truly treasure this knowledge of putting on the armor of God every day as we begin a new day. Like all things it takes effort, discipline and dedication accompanied by a good dose of genuine willingness to rise above our own desires.

God's blessings await us as we walk in his ways and pray continually, only what we must do is always put our hands to work, do his will, hold fast to his word and keep his commandments. In this way the darts of Satan will not touch us because all this is part of the spiritual preparation that we have to do in order not to be harmed by his traps.

We encourage you to follow his ways, putting on the armor of God so that you can protect yourself and know how to face the darts that the enemy of all righteousness throws at you.

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