How to be enthusiastic in the midst of Covid-19 according to The Bible

In the last weeks and months due to the global pandemic situation, we have experienced many movements. We were surprised by the rapid spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19). It came and changed our daily lives with all the isolation measures that were implemented in many countries. We cannot go out so easily at any time or to any place, let alone meet each other. We must keep our distance to protect each other! "Stay at home." is the everyday phrase - and for good reason!

Despite the distance, how can we come together to build each other up as a church, as children of God? The fact that we cannot meet under the same space does not mean that we cannot encourage one another. Not at all! Thanks to the advancement of technology, we can and should keep in touch and encourage each other. How do we do that? through The Bible.

Verses on Jesus' ability to cure all diseases

God prevails over any disease, this is one of the certainties that his children possess. There has never been nor will there ever be a disease or epidemic more powerful than our God. Let there be no doubt about this, ever!

One of the names of Jesus the Savior is Jehovah the Lord Healer. Our God is a God who heals every wound and disease. We read in Exodus 15:26 that "I am the LORD to restore health". Therefore, when we turn to him for physical, emotional or mental health, we can be completely sure that this will be the case.

When Jesus served the people who followed him, healing was an important part of his ministry. Jesus healed many people of many diseases and we have seen this in many Bible verses that deal with the healing power of Jesus Christ.

Jesus served to heal from the beginning

Jesus traveled throughout Galilee, taught in the synagogues, proclaimed the good news of the joy of the kingdom, and cured all the diseases of the people. His reputation spread throughout Syria and all people suffering from various diseases, suffering from severe pain, possessing evil spirits, epilepsy and paralysis brought them to him and he cured them as it says in Matthew 4: 23-24.

When Jesus undertook his public ministry, he not only dedicated himself to teaching and preaching the good news of peace of his gospel. He also healed various illnesses, pains, physical or mental conditions. His ministry included both spreading the gospel and serving others. the sick. He did this throughout the Galilee region and his reputation spread rapidly.

The people realized that he had a real power, he possessed a real priesthood to heal the soul and the sick body. Therefore, they brought to him people suffering from physical ailments and those in need of spiritual deliverance. Jesus showed that he had the power to heal the wounded body and deliver people from evil oppression.

It is worth meditating: Is there anything that makes me feel uncomfortable today? Pray to our Father Heavenly in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. He will always have the best medicine for you.

Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah

In Jesus, the prophecy of the Old Testament about the coming of a Messiah. Their holy prophets declared that the Messiah would bring salvation and health. Isaiah a prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ foretold what would happen when the Messiah came in Isaiah 35:5-6: Then the eyes of the blind will be opened and the ears of the deaf will be exposed.. People with sluggish feet will leap like deer and mute tongues will shout for joy. For water will flow in the desert and on the dry land. This is exactly what happened during Jesus' ministry!

Jesus went through the synagogues of all the towns and villages, preached the good news of the kingdom and cured all diseases as stated in Matthew 9:35.

Everywhere Jesus walked, he proclaimed the message of salvation, which allowed people the possibility of recovering their souls and also allowed the sick to be healed regardless of their illness. Jesus never said "Okay, this is too serious" or "This is too difficult." No! He did not let any kind of sickness or its severity make it impossible. Jesus even raised the dead! As told in Luke 7: 11-17 and Matthew 9: 18-26. Have you ever seen a sickness worse than death?

It is worth meditating: Take your problems before the Lord, do not be daunted by their greatness or difficulty. Remember that you serve the Almighty God. In every situation, he always wants to offer us something or do something for each of us.

Jesus' healings glorify God

Jesus did not heal for the sake of healing, nor did he aspire to fame, much less recognition. After Jesus healed, people praised God! We saw him heal various diseases and afflictions: lameness, blindness, paralysis, mute people, etc. In many cases he healed all the people present but always made sure that the glory went to God the Father.

As Matthew 15:29-31 tells us, Jesus went out and came to the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Then he went up the mountain and sat down. A large group of people came to him, holding on to his feet, among them the blind, the disabled, the dumb, and many others, and he set them near him. He healed them. The people were amazed to see the dumb speaking, the disabled regaining their health, and the blind seeing. They praised the God of Israel.

The people who followed Jesus were not "Christians" or followers of Jesus. They were all kinds of people who lived in the countryside, in the villages. They heard about Jesus and the miracles He had done and ran to Him. Of course, some people already believed that Jesus was special and wanted to hear about his teachings, but most were pagans. However, after seeing the healing power of Jesus Christ in action, they "praised the God of Israel" and many were converted.

It is worth meditating: Always give glory to God in your life and your own circumstances. May you always look to God, his love and his company. Remember what he has done for you, thus strengthening your faith.

When we draw near to Jesus, the power flows

The Bible mentions that some people were cured of years of illnesses. Was His robe miraculous? No! Miraculous power flowed from Jesus to those who approached Him and touched His robe seeking to renew their health, their faith was extremely great in Him!

After crossing the lake, they landed at Gennesaret. The inhabitants of that place met Jesus and spread the news. They brought all the sick to him, begging him to let them even touch the hem of his garment, and those who touched him were healed as reported in Matthew 14:34-36.

Interestingly, Jesus allowed them to come close to him and did not force the people to keep their distance. Quite the contrary! Let them draw near and be healed. Let us learn from them! Let us approach Jesus with our afflictions and place our sicknesses and infirmities at the feet of Jesus. He opens his arms, ready to accept us and work for our good.

It is worth meditating: seek the presence of the Lord and receive all that He wants to give you. Remember, His presence is enough to restore your strength; enjoy this special experience!

Leading role of the church today

In Jeremiah 17:14 we are told that in the Lord we will be healed and saved for He is our praise.

After Jesus was resurrected, before going to heaven, he authorized his disciples and told them what he wanted them to do. They would preach the gospel and the good news of joy to the whole world. Following His advice, He assured them: they would be filled with power and do great things and signs in His name.

These signs will always accompany those who believe: in my name, they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues, they will hold snakes in their hands, and when they drink something poisonous, it will not harm them. They will lay their hands on the sick and then they will recover. (Mark 16: 17-18)

One of these signs is laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover. As a church of Christ, we are asked to pray for the sick and to have the hope that God will act according to His will.

Will God always heal us?

No, God does not necessarily always heal. He knows why it can be healed or why it cannot be healed. He is the King and knows the best way in every situation.. We are not to understand God's thoughts or actions. But we can believe that in all things he has human plans and great desires: that we obtain his love and redemption.

That is why he chose to break into our lives in a different way. Sometimes he will bring physical recovery and sometimes he will make us feel at peace and make us feel his embrace in a special way. But in any case, we can believe that he will never leave us alone. Let us never forget that when we enjoy the new heaven and the new earth, we will be completely recovered from all sorrow and affliction. Apocalypse 21: 4 says: God will wipe away every tear from your eyes. For the former shall be no more; there shall be no more death, weeping, wailing, mourning, or pain.

Be sure to have Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Through Him, you will receive the most important healing, the one that will allow you the sorry of your sins and eternal life.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:11 we have a good passage of scripture to find ideas to encourage and bless our brothers in the faith. These are easy concepts to apply in uncertain moments of our lives: "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as you have been doing".

The important thing is that in any situation, we must give priority to fill ourselves with the peace of the Lord. In God, we can renew our mind and heart to see this situation from another angle. How do we "fill our battery" emotionally and spiritually so that we can be a blessing to others?

Tips to be more enthusiastic in times of pandemics

Once we know the doctrinal part that Jesus left us to give us hope in difficult times, it is important to practice his teachings. Here are some ideas for you to cultivate a positive and enthusiastic spirit in times of Covid-19.

Encouraging one another is the key as Colossians 3:16 says: Let the peace of Christ rule your heart and be called as one. Be thankful. Let the words of Christ fill your life with all their richness. Sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to God with sincerity. gratitude.

Spending time in prayer to God

Use this season to spend more time praying to God, praying for the world and accepting all that He wants to give you. In the last few years, how many times have you rushed to work or taken your children to school without having time to dialogue with God first? In these times of social isolation, make the decision to restore your relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Immerse yourself in Bible study and seek God's instructions.

Try to read the Bible every day and if possible, do special Bible studies to learn about the Bible. trust in Godhealing, the power of God or any other topic you desire. In this uncertain time, allow the Holy Spirit God is faithful and longs to speak to His children. God is faithful and longs to speak to his children. May your ears be very ready to listen to his voice!

As you strengthen your spirit, remember the people around you. Think of specific ways in which you can encourage and help others during this pandemic season, starting with your family and your brothers and sisters in the faith, while looking for opportunities to bless everyone around you. Here are some ideas:

Make a special call to someone

Nowadays, almost everyone has a telephone, whether it is a landline or a cell phone. This is one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with other people and an excellent tool we can use to express encouragement and voice our real concerns.

Call your family, your brothers and sisters in faith, friendsneighbors, especially those who are lonely, far from family or very concerned about the current pandemic. Show them that you care and encourage them. Take this opportunity to pray for them and pray for the protection and health that God can provide for them. Share with them how you believe God helps you deal with the uncertainties in your own life. Also share what you learn about God and His love during your personal study of the scriptures.

Send special messages of encouragement

You can use the same cell phone to send messages of encouragement to your family, friends, neighbors and brothers and sisters in Christ. Keep in touch with them. Ask them if they need anything and within your limits and possibilities try to help them find a solution to their problems. Ask God for knowledge and wisdom so that you can always provide or write the right words as Colossians 4:6 says.

When you read a phrase that you find useful, share it. Show that you have a real interest in people and want to help them make this difficult time more bearable. Consider especially the elderly or those who live alone.

Share helpful psalms or Bible verses

Instead of fostering an atmosphere of fear that permeates in all directions, it is better to share God's word with others. Use your phone or computer and social media to do encouraging and uplifting work.

In the Bible, we find many psalms and scriptures that encourage us and increase our faith in God. Look for them! Some passages you can share are the following: Psalm 56:3, Psalm 9:9-10, Psalm 23Psalm 46, Psalm 27Psalm 28:6-9, Psalm 91Psalm 94:17-19, Isaiah 41:10, Jeremiah 17:7-8, among many others.

Share hymns of strength or songs of praise to God.

A very good idea also refers to singing hymns to God and that as well as Bible verses can bring us closer to Him. If you get a video or listen to songs that nourish the spirit, share it with others. Music is a balm that calms and soothes the spirit and much more if they are songs that praise God.

Organize an online meeting

Organize an online meeting with your loved ones where you can strengthen each other and give each other the encouragement you need because we don't know when we will get back to normal. But what we do know is that as a church we must continue to gather and take the gospel to all those around us.

Take advantage of the advances that technology puts in our hands to keep in touch. If you understand technology well, help your church leaders organize virtual meetings and explain to others how to join them, encouraging them to be faithful in their participation.

To become the salt and light of the earth.

You are the salt of the earth. But if salt becomes tasteless, how will it recover its flavor? It is no longer good for anything but for people to discard it and trample it underfoot. You are the light of the world. A city on the top of the mountain cannot be hidden. You do not light a lamp and place it under a bushel, but place it on a lampstand to enlighten everyone in the house. Let your light shine before all so that they may see your good works and praise the Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5: 13-16.

Bless and care for the homeless.

As the Savior Jesus Christ himself taught us we should love one another as ourselves. That is why practicing kindness to others will make us feel very good at the same time that we will fulfill this great commandment that Jesus left us. Pure and undefiled religion before God our Father is this: be mindful of orphans and widows so that you may keep yourself free from the stains of the world (James 1:27). (James 1:27) Lift up your voice and do justice; defend the poor and needy! (Proverbs 31: 9).

Be a role model for love

Dear brothers and sisters, let us love one another, because love comes from God and everyone who loves is born of him and knows him. People who do not love do not know God, because God is love. (1 John 4: 7-8).

No one has seen God, but if we love one another, God will remain among us and his love will be fully manifested among us. (1 John 4:12).

Let us carry out our ministry with much love, may God be glorified in all of life's situations! Let us ask for his guidance and counsel to know how to continue to be the light and salt of the earth, bringing his words and love to all whom we meet. Let us not focus on ourselves, our isolation or our own needs. Let us seek to be among those who focus on others, those who extend a hand of love and support to serve and help others.

Of course, due to current restrictions, our approach will be very different. For example, if you know an elderly person who needs something to eat and is alone, on the day you go to the supermarket, you can call him and ask him if he needs anything. If you bought something for him (always wear disposable gloves when you shop) when you get home you inform him that you will put things in front of his house and let him pick them up himself.

Let's be creative in these uncertain times, we must keep working hard! May God help you to extend a loving hand to many others through us who are his church.

Four verses on mutual encouragement

  1. Encourage us to be closer to God and away from sin.

Brethren, take heed to yourselves, do not let your sinful heart turn you away from the living God. On the contrary, as long as "today" continues, encourage each other every day so that none of you may become weak because of the deceitfulness of the adversary. (Hebrews 3: 12-13).

  1. Encourage us to believe in ourselves and to become stronger.

I really want to see you impart some gifts to improve your abilities. But let us encourage one another with our common beliefs. (Romans 1: 11-12).

  1. Encourage us to love, to do good deeds and to gather together

Let us keep our professed hope, for he who is loyal is the one who makes the promise. Let us take care of one another to inspire love and good works. Let us not stop the meetings as some people are accustomed to, but let us encourage one another and when we see the day approaching, let us encourage one another all the more. (Hebrews 10: 23-25)

  1. Be inspired because we will always be with Jesus

The Lord Himself will come down from heaven and will cry out with commandments, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then those of us who are still alive, those who are left, will be taken up in the clouds with them and meet the Lord in the air. So we will be with the Lord forever. Encourage one another with these words. (1 Thessalonians 4: 16-18).

Let us not let these trials of life limit us from perceiving the joy of helping others and keeping God's commandments. As Christians we know that many things will happen but God is faithful and will not test us to the point where we cannot resist. Let us go forward in faith and with good cheer. blessings God's people are waiting for us to serve diligently and with our vision solely set on glorifying his name and singing his praises forever and ever.

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