How many verses does the book Exodus have?

The Exodus is part of the first five books of the Old Testament or the Torah of Judaism, which together are called the Pentateeuch, being the second of the biblical books. Although some argue that, using historical documents, an unknown writer composed the book, it is widely accepted that it was written by Moses.

How many verses does the book Exodus have? 1

In any case, its importance lies in the fact that, in a masterly way, it narrates the condition of slavery that the Hebrews lived in ancient Egypt, how they were enslaved, how they were freed by Moses and how it led them to the land promised by God. The word exodus comes from Latin "exodus" which means departure or departure, which defines very appropriately the content of the book that narrates the departure of the Israelite people from Egypt and their wandering, guided by God, until they reached Canaan, using as intermediaries between God and the people, first Moses and then Joshua.

There is a theory that the salida of the Jews and their liberation as slaves happened in two stages and not in a single massive one; while others affirm that such a massive departure and transit to a Promised Land never happened, since there is no real historical or archaeological evidence to confirm it.

Exodus verses

The Exodus tells the story of the departure of the Israelites from Egypt, after having been slaves, God promises to free them and lead them to a place where they will be the owners of the land. To reach this goal they had to move for long years and travel enormous distances, during which time the people were subjected to great punishments as a consequence of their manifest disobedience to God; but they also witnessed evident miracles performed by the Creator, as well as received benefits and blessings.

During this period, God through MosesHe made known to the Israelite people the conditions He required for the chosen people to become beneficiaries of eternal salvation; conditions known as the Tablets of the Law and commonly called the Commandments of God.

All these aspects are contained in the 1,165 Verses which make up the Exodus and which are distributed in 40 Chapters. The content of the book can be subdivided into three parts according to the main theme narrated.

The first part tells the story of the time of slavery that the Israelite people lived in Egypt, the beginning of Moses' protagonism, the events that led to their liberation, the journey to the Red Sea, and the destruction of the Egyptian armies. This story is comprised from Verse 1 of Chapter 1 to Verse 21 of Chapter 15.

The second partThe book of Revelation, refers to what happened from the departure from the Red Sea to the arrival at Mount Sinai, emphasizing the redemption of Israel, the battle against the Amalekites and the obligatory observance of a day of rest. All this is found from Verse 22 of Chapter 15 to Verse 27 of Chapter 18.

The one third tells how the people of Israel comes to understand the divine designs and can thus dedicate themselves to the service of God in both religious and political aspects. It speaks of Israel's consecration to God, who declares her a holy nation, giving her instructions on how to fulfill the Commandments and condemning idol worship and belief in false gods. This part is explained in the verses of Chapters 19 to 40.

What are the most salient features present in Exodus?

The fundamental part of the Exodus is the manifestation of the Ten CommandmentsThese summarize God's moral laws and demands for men, constituting an ethical regulation, which, being included in the Exodus, are an outstanding fact for this Book.

In the Exodus we glimpse the omnipotent majesty of God and his mercy, justice and faithfulness to mankind.

It demonstrates the supernatural condition exercised by the Creator for the liberation of the Israelite people who were not only slaves of the rulers of Egypt, but were also prisoners of the sin and of the devil.

It presents the history of Israel and the behavior of powerful and cruel kings who ruled the various cities through which the chosen people had to pass.

God redeems the people of Israel and establishes a covenant with them, indicating the behavior they should follow in order to worship him and comply with his demands.

How many verses does the book Exodus have? 2

What is the message conveyed by the Exodus?

The message is summarized in what it takes to to obtain eternal salvation and that it depends on the fulfillment of the covenant established between God and the people. That covenant is always faithfully fulfilled by God, while men frequently transgress.

From his reading we can deduce that God blesses those who respect the Covenant, having previously made known what is acceptable and what is unacceptable to Him, so that all would know His demands and be able to comply with them.

God has the disposition and omnipotence to free man from spiritual slavery, as long as he accepts and abides by the conditions established in the Covenant.

In summary, it can be said that the Exodus presents the story of a people struggling to survive and be free Within an immense region, these people receive God's blessings using as an instrument of communication the presence of men very close to Him spiritually, such as Moses and Joshua, to whom He gave, through the Tablets of the Law, instructions on how the people should proceed, also indicating how they had to arrange a dwelling place for God on earth, building the so-called tabernacle.

In compliance with the demanded by GodThe spiritual liberation from all evil bondage, just as the people of Israel were freed from Egyptian slavery, is obtained by obediently obeying the will of the Creator.

We must walk beside God, having Him as our true horizon, stopping when He demands it and walking when He commands it.

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