How many chapters does the book of Genesis have in the Bible?

It is important to know how it is structured the Bible or the Holy Scriptures, names by which the book containing the word of God our Lord is known. This important text is composed of different books, the first of the collection being The Genesiswhich is part of the Old Testament. The term Genesis comes from the Greek (γένεσις ) whose translation is: origin, source or creation.

For the Hebrew people and Christianity, Genesis is the text with which the Bible begins. In the Hebrew language this text is called Be-re-shith (in Hebrew בראשׁיח) which means the beginning. In it is told the beginning of man and narrates the tradition of the Israelite people as God's chosen nation through God's covenant with humanity and its descendants.

the genesis

How many chapters are there in Genesis?

This book is divided into 50 Chapters and 1533 verses.

Who is the writer of Genesis?

It is widely attributed that Moses is the creator and author of Genesisas well as of the books that make up the Pentateuchwhich are four and are contained in the Old Testament. The time of their origin dates back to the XV century B.C., after the exodus of the Hebrew people from Egypt and their wandering in the desert before reaching the land promised by the Lord. Father Celestial, this is located historically in the years 1440 and 1400 B.C.

The source of information that inspired Moses to write this sacred text is not clear, but it is assumed that he gathered information from the oral belief and written tradition of the Jewish patriarchs, through divine revelation or ancient documents to which he had access; all this without contradicting the divine inspiration of the texts of the Holy Scriptures.

On the other hand, there are studies that do not attribute the writing of Genesis to Moses but propose that it was written by different authors and that different sources were used.

The first text of the Pentateuch (Genesis) describes how God (Yahweh) chooses the Hebrew people. Among the people of the world, it is explained according to Jewish beliefs how the Father created the universe and man on Earth, the beginning of the sin and death as punishment, God's covenant with man and in general the ancient history of Israel.

The veracity of the contents of the first book of the Bible or Genesis, is corroborated in the New Testament by Jesus and the apostles when they support the truth narrated by Moses in the Pentateuch (Jn 5.46).

What does the book of Genesis describe?

In accordance with the oral and written beliefs of the Hebrew people the beginning of everything is narrated in Genesis.the creation of the Earth and mankind through the narration of the first man Adam and the first woman. woman Eve, as well as all that surrounded them in the Paradise of Eden. On the other hand, it relates the origin of death or original sin; the universal flood and the beliefs in oral form transmitted by the patriarchs. It also relates the election of Israel as the chosen people and the covenant made by Yahweh for the salvation of the men of Israel.


Structure of the book

The first book of the bible consists of two basic parts: the traditional description of the creation of the Earth and man (chaps. 1-11) and the narration of the life of the fathers of the Hebrew people (chaps. 12-50).

In the chapters describing the origin of man, it tells how God the Father gave life to all the creatures on planet Earth. It details all the descendants of Adam and Eve, how the earth was populated, the story of the patriarch Abraham, to whom God reveals the Covenant with man.

Chapters 12 to 50 contain the earliest history of the Israelites, describing the lives of the first patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It also tells the history of the twelve Hebrew tribes and ends with the departure of the Israelites from Egypt.

The writing of Genesis contains elements of different traditions such as: the Yahwist, the Elohist and the priestly. The priestly tradition is of great importance since it is the literary foundation for including the other Hebrew traditions.


The book of Genesis is the first of the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament. It is traditionally attributed to Moses, although some scholars propose that it was written by various authors over time and compiles the oral and written beliefs of the Israelites in their origins. It is organized in 50 chapters describing the beginning of humanity, with Adam and Eve and the ancient history of Israel. This biblical book contains 1533 verses.

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