How Jesus Prays and Intercedes for Us

It is customary to think that the Prayer is done when we are in need of God's help. When some difficulty arises, believers immediately think of God and address a special supplication to Him, often promising to make a sacrifice as a pledge as payment for the benefit they wish to receive. This is valid to a certain extent, since when a person feels unprotected or in danger, he always turns to the one he trusts.

jesus prays for us

However, that is not the end of the PrayerThis should be done daily and at every possible moment and should be done to glorify God, to bless and praise Him and to thank Him for all that He gives us, even if we believe that it is not good from a human point of view.

The Prayer made by Jesus

Jesus himself recognized that the most significant and important thing is, through Prayerto give glory to the Lord and recognition as Supreme and Almighty BeingOn Him, on whom depend all the actions and procedures of the human being, offering him, through prayer, the prospect of attaining eternal life.

With God-given authority Father to God the Son, Jesus can offer mankind the principal benefit of his passion and crucifixionThe only way to achieve this is to enjoy eternity together with them as the Divine Trinity. However, unfortunately not everyone will be able to obtain this achievement, only those who know about God and recognize God the Father and God the Son as the true God will obtain it. This is clearly stated in John 17: 3 which says:

"This means eternal life: that they may come to know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ.".

How did Jesus pray?

All the Evangelists refer in a similar way to the importance that Jesus gave to the practice of the Prayer. He tried to pray at all times; that is, he was never separated from God the Father; on the contrary, every circumstance gave him the opportunity and he took advantage of it to converse with his Father.

The Evangelists mention that at the beginning of the day he immediately established communication with God the Father and from then on, he continually implored God's power and requested His presence to come to his aid.

Jesus sometimes isolated himself and prayed in solitude (Mark 1: 35), but he also did it frequently when he was accompanied by his disciples (John 11: 41-42) or in the presence of the crowds that listened and followed him.

Jesus prayed as a custom before receiving food (Luke 24:30), just as he did after performing a healing spiritual or physical (Luke 5: 12-16).

All this demonstrates the important meaning that prayer had for Jesus, from which we can realize that if for Him, being God Himself, Prayer was a priority, with more reason it should be so for us who are spiritually weak because of our human condition.

Structuring the Jesus Prayer

The Prayers expounded by the Son of God can be differentiated into three categories, according to his intentions: he came to pray for himself, especially when he was nearing the end of his life on earth (John 17: 1-5); he prayed for his disciples so that they could fulfill their evangelizing mission correctly (John 17: 6-9); and he prayed for all mankind that believed and has believed in the message of the Word of God transmitted by his disciples (John 17: 20-25).

Jesus prays for Him

Logically Jesus must have prayed with his Father throughout his earthly life; however, his conversations with God the Father in the last times prior to his passion and death are referred to with greater importance. At one point Jesus was talking to his disciples about the inevitable moments that were about to happen and then, he speaks directly to his Father.

Subsequently, he prayed to the Creator, aware that the hour of his death was approaching, asking Him to glorify Him as Son so that He could glorify Him as Father and thus grant eternal life to all those who believed in Him. At that moment he also expressed that even after the pain of his crucifixion he would feel the grace of the saving work he had done for humanity and that once resurrected he would once again be in the presence of God.

Prayer for the disciples

Jesus asked God for divine protection for his disciples, who believed all that he taught them, obeying him according to his words, and he especially asked that they would remain united in faithHe was aware of the difficult times that awaited them, both from the spiritual point of view and from the spiritual point of view. enemy The evil would attack them to try to hinder the work of God, as in the material aspect because they would be persecuted and martyred by the non-believers (John 17:6-19).

The moments of prayer for his disciples also served to instruct them, under the blessing of the Supreme Being, about their evangelizing mission, being responsible for transmitting the Word of God when He had already returned to the Father's side, and they should continue the task for which they had been trained.

Prayer for believing humanity

Jesus asks the Father blessings and glory for all those who, starting from the evangelizing word, believe in the teachings transmitted by his disciples. He asks that through their unity, humanity may come to recognize that Jesus is the one sent by God to make known his word, to transmit the invaluable power of his love and mercy, giving them the tools to attain eternal life.

Pray in a special way for all those who come to place their faith in Jesus through the messages transmitted by his disciples, with the purpose of achieving unity among men and between them and God (John 17: 20-21), such as the union of God the Son with God the Father, who, although they are distinct Persons, constitute with God the Father the Son. Holy Spirit a Unit acting as one.

Jesus' prayer for his glorification

Jesus talks to his Father emphasizing that it has fulfilled its mission (John 17: 6), making known the existence of God and his name, teaching his disciples the qualities of God, which would help them to treat mankind so that they too would become partakers of God's blessings.

Knowing that his time on Earth was soon to end, Jesus manifests that having finished his service He has glorified the Lord and begs Him to glorify Him in turn as God the Son that He is, asking Him to resurrect Him to be able to enjoy the joy that since Creation He had had with God the Father (John 17: 4-5).

The teaching of the Jesus Prayer

Jesus prayed in obedience to God's will, asking Him that all the people entrusted to Him would be with Him in eternity and would be able to perceive His glory (John 17: 24).

The Jesus Prayerwisely referred to in Chapter 17 of St. John's Gospel, teaches us that we must pray according to God's will, which is none other than to give us our sanctification; praying in this way He will hear us, increasing our faith to glorify and praise Him always.

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