Little known gifts of the Spirit

The gifts of Holy Spirit are supernatural skills or abilities granted by God to human beings in their spiritual component, with the purpose of serving as an aid or intermediary to fulfill the purposes of the Creator. It is said that all of us possess one or more of these gifts, but we must be aware of the fact that we are in possession of them. God's grace to be able to have knowledge of their possession and power and to know how to make use of them.

holy spirit

The gifts are capacities that at no time can be acquired or developed by people because they transcend all human understanding and are, quite simply, infused by God through the Holy Spirit, who through the gifts granted comes to guide our supernatural life allowing us to perform and have beneficial behaviors for the healing of our neighbor.

The existence of divine gifts is known from Pentecost onwards, when the visit of the Lord Jesus Christ took place. Holy Spirit to the apostles, it being known and accepted that the correct moral and spiritual conduct of man is determined by the possession or enjoyment of spiritual gifts, which transmit obedience to obey the commands of the Holy Spirit.

Some characteristics of the gifts of the Spirit

Those who are fortunate enough to receive a gift must have sufficient humility They should also educate themselves by searching the Holy Scriptures for information and guidance concerning the scope of this gift. It should be kept in mind that any gift is never above the Word of God and therefore can never replace it.

The gifts are not granted at will, nor can we expect their concession to be a product of chance. To be worthy and make good use of a gift, a person must prepare for it by longing for it, have great faith, and be instructed in the teachings of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit always imparts gifts, but for them to develop and become efficient, He does not demand any special condition other than that of the gift of the Holy be believers, to have faith and to believe in the Word of GodThe company grants them to the individual without taking into account his or her personality (Corinthians 12: 31).

The so-called principal gifts

Although there is an almost infinite diversity of gifts, nine gifts are mentioned as the most important ones, possibly because each of them can imply in turn diverse manifestations of other gifts. Scholars of this subject have agreed to group them into three major categories: those of revelation, those of inspiration and those of power.

The gifts of revelation are the word of knowledge, wisdom and discernment of spirit. The gift of prophecy, the use of tongues and the interpretation of these are the so-called gifts of inspiration. The gifts of power are the gift of healthof miracles and the gift of faith.

Little known gifts

There is a great variety of gifts that are not commonly distinguished as such; however, they are true gifts that exercise real spiritual benefits and help in the approach to God.

Among these less prominent gifts are the following:

Gift of serviceReferenced in Romans 12: 7 y 15: 25- 27 and in Acts 6:1It may be material help, but essentially it is a matter of offering spiritual help in times of need for divine assistance.

Gift of exhortationIt serves to make use of the fundamentals of the Word of God to remedy spiritual needs. Whoever has this gift also possesses the facility of expression.

Gift of adviceThis gift has the objective of clarifying the conscience to solve difficult and uncertain situations; it is used to neutralize destructive thoughts that negatively influence human behavior.

Gift of teachingThe best representatives of being possessors of this gift are Jesus' own disciples. It grants the ability to make an accurate interpretation of Christian teachings in order to preserve them through the ages by means of faith (Timothy 2: 2, 15).

Gift of givingIt is given to simple and generous people who, in situations of material need, can help without embarrassing those who receive help. But also those who possess this gift have the responsibility to share the teachings of Jesus among their peers so that they may multiply and be accepted by those who do not know them (Corinthians 13:3; Romans 12:8).

Gift of fortitudeIt grants the necessary strength to face all that God demands and presents us with, even when the situations are not pleasant for the human being. At the same time, it allows us to transmit abundant spiritual strength to others so that they may courageously act according to God's designs and may wisely face the negative internal pressures.

Gift of presidingThe capacity that the Holy Spirit grants to be put into practice by persons who have charisma and the power of authority. It serves to guide their fellow men and women and to lead them along the right paths towards the search for divine truth (Acts 20:28).

Gift of understanding or intelligenceThrough this gift, the perfect understanding of the Word of God is achieved, even developing intuitive conditions. It allows to be able to transmit the divine truth in the most adequate way so that it can be understood and accepted by others.

Gift of MercyThrough this gift, one always acquires the disposition to obey the will of God and gives the possibility to act in a way similar to what Jesus would do. It favors the sensations of tolerance, of understanding and of sorrywhile counteracting those of impatience, anger and bitterness.

Gift of faithIt is a direct, immediate and momentary blessing that the Holy Spirit infuses in the believer, making him/her possessor of a fervent and strong faith and through it God can perform miracles. It has the particularity of not being a permanent gift, but it is externalized when a need appears.

Gift of mercyIt is confused with the practice of love for one's neighbor and the performance of good works; however, this gift entails giving oneself entirely to another person who is suffering. Unlike other gifts, the gift of mercy requires the one who possesses the gift to give himself totally to another, even to the personal detriment of the one who exercises it. The best example of this gift is the mercy of Jesus towards humanity when he became man to save us, suffering and suffering enormously, because he knew that we needed his love and mercy.

Difference between gift and virtue

There is a tendency to confuse the gifts with the virtues The two are fundamentally different in terms of their practical effects, but it should be borne in mind that there are fundamental differences between the two.

The gift is a divine act promoted according to the divine designs and that only become present when the Holy Spirit desires and considers necessary, granting to the one who grants it the facility to allow himself to be led by Him.

Virtue obeys more to the reasoning of the human being, logically influenced by faith, therefore it is used when the person wants it. Virtue itself is imperfect because of the human ingredient that is implicit in it and sometimes it is necessary to combine it with a gift to give it a divine connotation and to produce the desired effect.

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