Ephesians 6: How should we treat others?

Believers must imitate JesusIn all aspects of life, they should take his life as a guide that teaches the correct way to treat other people. Among his many teachings in his earthly life, he forgave sins, healed the sick, was merciful, helped the poor and was a man of great mercy, even to those who did not deserve it, among many other things.

treatment of others

This chapter of the Bible invitesIn other words, to treat other people as you would like to be treated.

"Children, obey your parents as it pleases the Lord, for this is right. The first commandment that contains a promise is this: "Honor your father and your mother, so that you may be happy and live a long life on earth." (Ephesians 6:1-3)

Paul in these verses talks about the obedience to parentsi.e., it is not a question of obey to mom and disobey dad, one must be obedient to both equally. Paul also makes reference to the fact that this behavior is just, since by complying with his recommendation you live according to God's designs. Parents represent the authority in the home, therefore they should be respected.

Of course, when the time comes for the child to become independent, he or she begins to distance him or herself a little, which is not taken as disobedience. For God also encourages that after a certain age, children should be able to fend for themselves. To honor your father and motherYou are fulfilling God's designs and with this you will see His promise fulfilled, He will grant you a long and happy life.

"And you, fathers, do not make your children angry, but rather bring them up in the discipline and instruction which the Lord desires." (Ephesians 6: 4)

Living in the Grace of God you must fulfill mutual and reciprocal obligations and responsibilities. One of the most important obligations of parents is to teach their children the truths contained in the Word of God "The Bible", and the most efficient way to teach is to be a living testimony, that is to say, that the parents with their attitudes demonstrate that they are full of the presence of God.

However, the children must be treated with respect, educated with love, avoiding to irritate them, they should not be provoked to feel ira. However, it does not mean that children should be treated as weak.

These verses clearly state that children should never punish themselves if one of their parents is angry. As much as possible, discipline should be practiced that corrects, and not that shows vengeance. This discipline and instruction requires to be administered in the name of the Lord.

"Slaves, obey those who are your masters here on earth. Do it with respect, fear and sincerity of heart, as if you were serving Christ. Serve them, not only when they are watching you, to make yourselves look good to them, but as servants of Christ, sincerely doing the will of God. Do your work willingly, as a service to the Lord and not to men. For you must know that each one, whether slave or free, will receive from the Lord according to what he has done that is good. And you, masters, behave in the same way toward your servants, without threats. Remember that both you and they are subject to the Lord who is in heaven, and that he does not discriminate" (Ephesians 6:5-9).         

When you are a follower of Christ there are responsibilities according to the role you play, whether as a believer who is employed, or as the one who plays the role of boss.

These verses exhort you to be obedient to the masters of the earth, and make it clear that this slavery applies only to the physical part, that is, the slave's body. Moreover such obedience must be carried out with great respect, extreme sincerity and great fear. This does not mean that the slave is to make himself contemptible before the authority of his master.

Consequently, the service rendered by the slave must be charged with simplicity, done from the heart, with total sincerity. In other words, there should be no falsehood, no shadow of duplicity, no flattery or hypocritical flattery. These words for no reason should be part of the personality and life of a Christian.

When a believer is a slave or a believing master is an employee or boss, the time comes when his motivation is to please God in all aspects of life. In this way those obstacles that stand between both parties, between those who obey and those who exercise authority, become easy to overcome.

Christ alone is the one who offers the freedom absolute. There are many people submerged and enslaved in the sinsuch as drugs, alcohol, among many others. Since thank you to the human condition there is in various aspects of his personality the tendency to be slaves. And there is no human force in the world that is capable of breaking these bonds. Only the great power of God can grant the liberation that each person requires.

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