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The second book of Samuel or Samuel II, in Hebrew:' שְׁמואֵּל ב Shemuel Bet,

is the continuation of the book Samuel I of the Old Testament and the Jewish Tanakh. According to biblical tradition, the two books of Samuel were one, but for practical reasons they were divided into two writings as we know them today. The second book of Samuel describes the reign of David which began after the death of the first Israelite king, Saul, and his sons.

It is a historical book originally written in HebrewThe authors are not known, as is the case with the Samuel-I book.

This book, which begins with the David's song for the death of Saul and his son Jonathan, recounts the successes, victories, trials and weaknesses of Israel's second king; David's rise as king of Judah in Hebron and then of all Israel; a period of civil war in Israel, the moving of the Ark of the Covenant to Israel's new capital, Jerusalem, and David's desire to build a temple to praise the Lord; a song of thanksgiving to the Lord; and the rise of David as king of Judah in Hebron and then of all Israel. thank you and the account of Nathan's oracle concerning the king's offspring.

The central theme of the book is God's promise to David that his house will reign forever and that from his descendants will be born the Messiah of Israel, which acquires a prophetic and messianic meaning. It also teaches the seriousness of the sin and its consequences, even when sin is forgiven by sincere repentance, but at the same time it shows us a God who fulfills his promises and purposes in spite of man's sins.

David is a king who pleases the Lord, he represents the moral and religious ideals of a monarch for his people, even though he has weaknesses as a man. He manages to unify and magnify Israel, confronting the enemies internal and external of his nation. During his 40-year reign, he not only won battles, but he was concerned with the organization of Israel and to impart justice in a balanced way. He was a religious man who represents the ideal monarch, the one anointed by God so that through him the promise of the Messiah would come true and make Israel a great nation, worthy of being God's chosen people.

The book of Samuel II has the following outline:

  1. beginning of David's reign, Nathan's prophecy and military campaigns (1-8)
  2. History of the succession to the throne of David (9-20)
  3. Appendices (21-24)

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samuel 2

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