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The Genesis is the first Book of the Pentateuch and of the Old TestamentThe book, which narrates God's relationship with man, describes the creation of the world, of humanity and ends with the election of Israel as the chosen people, to proclaim man's salvation through the love of the Creator to the whole world.

According to the Jewish tradition, the first book of the the Bible is called by the name Beresit (Hebrew word בְּרֵאשִׁית) meaning.  "In the beginning." and is the first expression that appears in this text, but this tradition changed when the Greek Bible or Septuagint was used, where the Hebrews who lived outside Judea and the first Christians, named the books of the Pentateuch by the content of each book, hence the first text of the Bible is called Genesis (word of Greek origin, γένεσις meaning birth, creation, origin), since the main theme of this scripture is the origin of the world, man and the Hebrew people.

The GenesisThe Hebrew Book of Revelation, in addition to being a sacred book for the Hebrew people, is also a historical bookwhich through narrative prose blends oral tradition, the ethnic and linguistic origins of the Israelites, as well as their social traditions and cultures. It also describes the descendants of the patriarchs, the migrations of the first Hebrews, their political relations with the surrounding peoples and their social and religious organization.

To study and understand the content of the Genesis scholars have divided it into two parts:

  • The primordial or primitive history that relates the creation of the world and mankind (Chaps 1-11).
  • The patriarchal history where the origins of the people of Israel are taught, starting with the election of Abraham and his descendants by divine will (Chaps 12-50).

In the primordial history it is revealed that God is the creator of all that is known, including man, who, made in his image and likeness, was chosen to responsibly manage what God created. To the length of its pages shows that in the beginning man was in close union with the Creator, but when he disobeyed the Creator, he was in close union with the Creator. FatherThe first time he was punished with suffering and death, which resulted in God's Judgment for the sins of mankind.

In the second part of Genesis or the patriarchal historyIn this part of the book, it is revealed in the scriptures that God does not abandon his people and seeks their salvation, even though they chose to disobey and turn away from the Lord. In this part of the book, God chooses Abraham (a name that means "father of many nations") to initiate through him and his descendants the history of God's people and the first covenant between the Heavenly Father and his people is established. God's promise and the first covenant with man is transmitted from generation to generation, through the descendants of Isaac and Jacob (sons of Abraham), who lived as immigrants only with the support of God's promise. The end of Genesis narrates the story of Jacob and his family when they arrive and settle in Egypt.

In summary, Genesis comprises:

  1. The origin of the world and of man (1-11)
  2. The Hebrew patriarchal history (11-50) and the biography of Abraham (12-25); Isaac (26.1-35); Jacob (27-36) and Joseph (37-50).

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The Genesis

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