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The book of Ezra is part of the books of the Old Testament and is a historical book which belongs to the Ketuvim from the bible Hebrew. Originally it formed a single book together with Nehemiah, but it was separated into two works at the beginning of Christianity. It is a book that narrates the events that occurred after the return of the Hebrews to Jerusalem after 60 years of exile in Babylon.

It is a historical book originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic. Traditionally its writing is attributed to Ezra, who was a priest who had the mission to return to Jerusalem, restore the temple and most importantly to restore faith and the people of God, but there are other scholars who attribute authorship to both Ezra and Nehemiah or only to Nehemiah. What is totally accepted is that Ezra and Nehemiah are the protagonists and guides in these two books.

In the book of Ezra great importance is given to the reconstruction of the temple, the cult, the priesthood and all the sacred rituals. The author or authors narrate the history of the Hebrew people before the exile in Babylon and after the return to Israel, after 60 years of exile. It is a book that proclaims the coming of the Messiah to restore the glory of the Israeli people.

The date of composition of this book is estimated to be between 440 B.C. and 300 B.C. It was written mainly in Hebrew but some parts were written in Aramaic, which was the language spoken during the rule of the Persian empire, between 530-334 B.C.

To write this book the author used different sources, official documents of the Persian empire, diplomatic correspondence and the report in which Ezra recounts the results of his mission to the Persian Empire.he restoration of the temple.

In this book of Ezra highlights the personality of this priest and scribe, who was a descendant of Aaron and Zadok, and who carried out the religious, spiritual and material reform of the Hebrews without accepting any compromise with the pagan peoples that surrounded Israel, in order to preserve the religious purity of the people chosen by God.

The central theme of the book of Ezra is the rhe return of the Hebrews to Jerusalem and the restoration of the templeafter the decrees of the Persian kings Cyrus and Artaxerxes. The work to restore the temple was not easy due to the hostility of the people and the paganism that reigned among the Hebrews. The restoration took 20 years and Ezra managed to restore the temple and the faith of the people, demonstrating that although they were punished for their sins the Lord protected them, even through pagan kings.

This book also narrates the reestablishment of the Hebrew calendar with its festivals and sacrifices. This work is divided into two main parts. The first part narrates about the first Jews who return to Jerusalem under the authority of Sheshbazzar and Zerubbabel and the rebuilding of the temple. The second part focuses on Ezra's religious reforms, everything concerning the worship and the marriage between Jews and women These reforms were severe in order to preserve the faith and morals of the people of Israel.

The following outline shows the contents of the book:

  1. Return of the exiles and the rebuilding of the temple (1-6)
  2. Ezra's Mission (7-10)

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