Daily Devotional

A daily devotional is the special opportunity we can devote each day to to render praises and devotions to God. It is really very important to establish a moment of sincere meditation and focus our thoughts to the Lord daily.

It is a simple moment that allows us to develop, grow and discover ourselves spiritually. It can be obtained by dedicating a moment every day in the place of your choice and thus achieve the spiritual connection you desire. During the daily devotional you will be able to read passages of scripture and reflect on them. of what you read.

In doing so, you will meditate on what you have learned from reading them and find ways to apply them to your life in a positive way. Then to close this time of reflection you can pray and express your feelings to the Lord about what you have just read.

daily devotional

Correct way to perform your daily devotional

You can choose a specific time and place, which are of your total preference. We advise you to leave aside all your daily chores in order to obtain a moment of intimacy of higher quality, a time to be alone with God.

Then read a verse or a block of verses from the sacred scriptures with special attention, developing feelings, paying attention to God's divine guidance to achieve it.

Reflect and wish to understand what you have read and ask God in prayer what purpose does it have for you to have read what you have read. If you wish, you can take notes so as not to forget these impressions.

Put into practice all that you have learned through these verses of the Holy Bible.

5.- Take this knowledge to other people, share what you have learned. Sharing what you have discovered with someone else makes you interact with others and let them know how special your experience has been in your daily devotional.

Never leave aside the transcendence that living the word of God has in your life and share it with those who perhaps desire a moment of solace for their lives as well.

Here is an example so that you can start your process to encourage daily devotionals in your life.

Let's suppose that for today you want to strengthen your relationship with God through verses from the bible. One of the most sublime and special teachings contained in the bible is when Jesus prayed on Mount Gethsemane. This historical moment reflects love that Jesus felt for each one of us.

Jesus Christ took the time to pray for you

In John 17:20-21 Jesus tells us:

"But I pray not for these alone, but also for those who will believe in me through their words, that they may all be one, even as you, O Lord, are one, that they may be one. Fathermay they also be one in us, so that the world may believe that you sent me.

Within hours of Jesus sacrificing himself for us on the cross, he took bread and wine with his disciples, washed their feet and gave them strength to withstand what was soon to come. The Gospel according to John details the details of these last moments and the great lessons Jesus manifested before his arrest and subsequent sacrifice on the cross.

Jesus Christ prayed for you, for me, even for Himself, for all believers in the whole world. He prayed for mankind, for all religious people, He asked God for unity among the human race and that all would remember God and Him in the same way He remembers them. The main objective of this experience was to save all men and women and to make them one with God and with Him.

We must be part of the prayer of Jesus Christ

We must praying in the spirit of gratitude because of the sacrifice that Jesus made for all the believers in the world. We should seek to establish a good relationship with God and with the other people we meet. Always seek to develop yourself in the knowledge and in the God's grace through constant study of the scriptures and active participation in the church.

In the same way, it is important to be at peace with your brothers and sisters in faith. You should seek communion with your nearest church and participate in its meetings on a regular basis. Ask for sorry if you have ever wronged someone, apologizing can heal wounds and improve your relationship with God. Participate with more fervor in the Christian activities of your community, ask the Lord for unity in all your relationships with your brothers and sisters and ask with fervor that differences be dissipated and removed from your environment.

We are totally dependent on God and we need his divine help to solve life's problems. Our life in Christ is a constant daily struggleWe cannot conquer our goals alone. We will always need God's help and this is where the importance of praying and being in communion with Him lies in order to keep us on the right path. Pray for your friends so that they can always be united in the same battles and not only in happy times.

Asking the Lord in prayer should be a daily exercise, an exercise in humility. Recognize that nothing can be achieved alone in life. Accepting his help makes us humble and provides us with internal victories, you will not be defeated easily if you always turn to God in prayer. The apostle Paul constantly asked his fellow citizens to pray for him. Paul knew that to fight the good fight was also to fight it all together, that spiritual growth is sometimes a team effort.  

We hope that all of these tips and ways to do your daily devotional can help you to get closer to God every day. The reflections here only suggest a way to do it, however it is you who through your own initiative and by using these tips who can have an effective moment of intimacy with God and thus obtain help and spiritual development.

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