Blessings to the one who obeys God

When one blesses one is wishing that God grants the best conditions and actions for the one who receives that blessing. Blessing is a way of glorifying, praising, honoring or exalting the Supreme Being and at the same time begging and supplicating in favor of the person to whom the blessing is directed or of an object or institution susceptible of being blessed.

On the other hand, obedience is not something innate in people; it is a quality that must be learned, accepted and practiced. Obedience is not an easy condition since it implies a certain degree of submission; it depends on our will and our desire to comply with what is demanded of us. Obedience implies the recognition of the superiority of another and is important for the better development of life because through it, activities are carried out in an orderly and beneficial way for the whole group of people.

blessings for obedience

If obedience is important from a purely human point of view, there is no doubt of its transcendence in divine matters, hence the great significance of obeying God, who is the most supreme and hierarchical being that exists and to whom we owe ourselves in all aspects.

Obey God

To obey God is to abide by His demands or requirements, which in general are contained in the well-known Tablets of the LawThe plan that He has always had for each one of us, and in a particular way, they are in the plan that He has always had for each one of us. To obey, contrary to what many believe, is very easy, because to obey is to say to Him: I love you and I recognize you as Father.

Obedience to God allows us to face difficulties with patience and in the expectation that God's will will be fulfilled. blessings to overcome problems.

How to obey God?

Directly or indirectly, in the Bible the rules for obeying the Lord and, in practical terms, the testimonies of Jesus are the best example, since even though He was God, He demonstrated His submission to the Father, obeying Him at all times.

  • With loveIn order to obey God it is fundamental to declare and make our love for Him a reality, because as Matthew says (Matthew 22: 37-40):

"Love to God is expressed through obedience to God through obedience".

This means that love is not only an affection, it is to do everything according to what is required by the one we love, it is to do it correctly without harming our neighbor.

  • Fulfilling his will: Obedience implies knowing that God governs all our acts in life from our family sharing to our relationships in society. Therefore, all our activities must be placed in God's plans, giving greater importance to what God thinks of us than to what people may think or say.
  • One must live without reservationsEvery day and every day we must surrender everything to God. To surrender our body, our soul, our heart and our actions to the Creator, as a demonstration of our willingness to imitate Him and to serve Him as our Supreme Being (Ephesians 6: 7).
  • To be spiritually productive peopleHaving Jesus present before doing any activity is glorifying God; by this means one receives the divine blessing and acts according to the divine plans. For this one should put all the possible effort in training oneself in the growth for the understanding of the Word of God; in this way one achieves a greater approach to Him and the spiritual life will give good fruits to offer to the Lord (Corinthians 10: 31).

Results of obedience to God

Thank you to obedience to God we receive in return divine blessings that have, among other results, the renewal of the body and spiritual comfort. We should always keep in mind all the goodness and benefits that God has given us; in this way, when setbacks and conflicts arise, we should make use of that blessing. spiritual strength granted by God, remembering all the good things that God has granted us as a demonstration of his infinite love. In this way we renew our strength, feeling capable of overcoming problems with God's help, supported by his unconditional fidelity (Hebrews 13: 18)

Through obedience to God we come to know Him fully, we become more like Him and His presence becomes real for those who obey Him. However, we are unable to imagine what God has in store for each one of us and this can make the importance of what He asks of us humanly incomprehensible. This can make us want to modify what is required of us, or try to do it at our will, or leave it for later or simply not do it; this constitutes a serious and very important error, because with it we prevent God from blessing us and we deviate the good desires and the correct destiny that God has reserved for each one of us.

Blessings received by obeying God

By fulfilling the Lord's commands we receive an infinity of blessings which in turn makes us respond to Him with gratitude and praises, an attitude that we should repeat continuously at every moment and not only when we need Him. In these difficult moments, believers should not grieve and complain before God, on the contrary, they should keep in mind the blessings previously received in order to ask God for mercy and new blessings, just as he did. David in his last years of life praising God for his goodness (Psalm 103).

With God's blessings the security of the righteous is obtained. True security is obtained when God is obeyed and the word of God is a reason for satisfaction. Unfortunately, we live in an environment that invites to sin, imitating those who go by wrong ways because apparently they are easier and give earthly satisfactions, in those moments we should praise God for his goodness and remember that God is the one who gives us the best. sin does not bring happiness (Psalm 103).

Another beneficial aspect of divine blessings is that God causes the righteous to prosper spiritually with the help of the Creator's care, taking responsibility for meeting all needs and bestowing spiritual blessings, including peace, well-being and bliss.

The blessings also make us partakers of God's righteousness, bestowing his sorry to the one who repents of wrongdoing; while he does not leave unpunished the one who embraces sin. It should be thought that the blessings of obeying God bring greater benefits than the transient advantages of sin (Psalm 1: 6).

Forgiveness of sins and the healing The physical blessings are also obtained as a benefit of God's blessings, by covering with love and mercy those who ask for or receive his blessings. Upon receiving the forgiveness of sins, which is the main gift that God gives us, we feel a profound change in our lives, the spirit, upon recognizing that it has been forgiven by God, is comforted and voluntarily allows God to direct its life and transforms it to have a blessed eternity (Psalm 103: 3-7).

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