Biblical manifestations of the end of the world

The world, of which the Earth is a part, is finite since it had a beginning and will have an end. However, no one knows when this end will occur, even though there is a vast amount of information on this subject, based on very personal criteria and supposedly unfounded clairvoyance.

Against this supposed knowledge is all the true information revealed in the biblical texts, which as a direct expression of the word of God, transmitted through prophets and evangelists, possesses for believers all the veracity and certainty about what can be expressed on this subject.

Biblical manifestations of the end of the world 1

Central fact for the world to end

The Bible specifies very well the signals that will precede the end of the world and all his teachings coincide in stating that the great and most important event is the physical return of Jesus to Earth, known as the second coming of Christ whose objective is to come in search of His Church, understood as not a material entity, but the totality of people who have deposited their faith in Him and through Him in God. Father and God Holy Spirit.

Regardless of the religious creed one has had on Earth. All those who have believed in Jesus, have respected his commands and have accepted the divine will, from the moment of the second coming of Jesus, will live all eternity at his side. (Thessalonians 4:16-17).

Signs that will occur immediately before Christ's second coming

It teaches us the Bible that there will be various celestial signs that will precede the manifestations of glory and power that Jesus Christ will bring. It is said that the sun and moon will be darkened and the heavenly bodies will move abruptly. This will be accompanied by the sounding of a trumpet that will announce the coming of a contingent of angels who will gather together all the elect who have fulfilled the word of God, or who, even having disobeyed, have sincerely repented of it. (Matthew 24: 30, Mark 13: 26, Luke 21:27).

Although this is clearly expressed in the Bible, this will not prevent the anguish that the human race will experience at that time, who will be filled with terror due to the fear caused by the vision of the unusual activity of celestial bodies that will show an unknown activity. (Matthew 24:31 - Mark 13:27).

Time when the end of the world will occur

The day on which the end of the world will occur is unknown, and it is thought that only God the Father knows it, but since the Holy Trinity is a single entity, it is logical to think that such information is known to the Three Divine Persons.

Another aspect that is commented is that possibly it will happen as when the deluge took place; that before the deluge the settlers were leading their routine life and did not know anything until the moment the deluge began.

How to wait for the end of the world?

The best way to await the end of the world is to lead a life of obedience to God and service to others according to his teachings. One should try to remain as close to God as possible, fulfilling his simple but important commands and in case of having failed to fulfill them, one should make a firm promise to change so that the faults may be forgiven and one may live in the service of the Lord, accepting his sorry with great faith.

Current signs of the end of the world

Every day we live in the presence of various manifestations indicated in the Bible as signs of the end of the world, which does not mean that we are or are not in the proximity of this event. These events are sometimes seen as everyday occurrences in our existence.

Thus we read in the evangelists Matthew, Mark and Luke that famines and epidemics will be experienced, earthquakes will occur and nations will clash (Matthew 24: 5-8; 11: 23-26; Mark 11:13; 13: 6-9; Luke 21: 9-10; 21: 12-15).

Also the presence of false religions and sects that usurp the name of Jesus and deceive people, claiming to have a guide who is the true Christ. (Matthew 24:5; 11: 23-26; Mark 13: 6; Luke 21:8).

Some other revelations contained in the Bible

According to some Bible passages, the end of the world will be fulfilled in two stages: during the first one, God will proceed to destroy all false religion. (Revelation 17: 1-5) and the second phase comprises the annihilation of rulers and wicked persons who, having had the opportunity to repent, voluntarily did not do so. (Revelation 16: 14-16).

Likewise, it is said that the final moment will come when all mankind will recognize and proclaim that the Kingdom of God has replaced all earthly governments. (Daniel 7: 13-14)This new situation is being publicized everywhere. (Matthew 24: 14).

The Bible also indicates as signs of the end of the world, negative changes in human behavior, taking place incomprehensible aspects in personal interrelationships. Thus it points out that:

"Critical times, difficult to handle, will arise. Because men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of the moneydisobedient to parents, without self-control, fierce, without love of good, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God" (Timothy 3:1-5).

Physical and emotional signs of the end of the world

The signs about which the Bible instructs us concerning the conclusion of this world are manifold, and wisely and crudely present in the Apocalypse o Prophetic Book. For its part, the Gospel according to St. Matthew (Matthew 24: 1-14) contains in summary a set of announcements proclaimed in this regard by Jesus Christ Himself.

Both writings reveal the existence of false teachers and false Christs, persecution and hatred against Christians, famine in large regions, betrayal and hatred among the citizens, increase of wickedness and decrease of love; this is what can be called emotional signs.

Physical indicators include the profusion of war events, an increase in the incidence of earthquakes and the appearance of diseases and unknown epidemics.

By way of conclusion

By having hope and faith in Jesus Christ we have the assurance that we are saved in this life and for eternal life and that no one and nothing can keep us away from that reality, therefore there is no reason to fear the future or worry about the coming of the end of the world.

One should live according to God's will, showing trust in Him and obedience. If it is recommended that we should remain alert because we do not know the time of the end of the world, it is an alert so as not to fall into disobedience, while it is not an alert out of fear, because from then on we will enjoy the ultimate reward as it is to be by God's side eternally.

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