Biblical characteristics of a man of courage

For the world a man of courage is the man who owns property in abundance, a bank account loaded with several zeros to the right, or the man who, wherever he goes, shows interest in his material goods. However, in the bible describes a man of a different and no less interesting value.

man of valor according to the bible

We can read in the Holy Scriptures about the cases of MosesPaul, Noah, Stephen, Malachi, John the Beloved, but above all Jesus Christ, who with his perfect example traced the path of all the above. For these men, their task was always to lead lives that would please God, serve their neighbor and love them under all circumstances

All of them lived a simple life, but abundant in obedience without taking into account that they could be subject to persecution, mockery or even loss of life. Actually, all this together with a life devoted to putting God first is what is considered to be a true man of valor. Here are some of his most outstanding featuress.

A man of courage loves God above all else.

The true man of valor He will never feel shame or shame for God and for his work, but will show his joy in loving God and serving him with devotion. He demonstrates his love also by loving others, leading a life of service and charity to all who require his help.

His life will always abound in gratitude and sincere praise to God trusting wholly in faithfulness and love to their eternal God. As Deuteronomy 6:5 clearly states that men of valor shall love the Lord with all their heart and with all their soul and with all their strength.

Man of courage finds knowledge through God

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom and acquires understanding for his gain is better than the gain of silver and his profit more than fine gold. Proverbs 3:13-14 explains it in this way, for a man with high spiritual values recognizes that true wisdom comes from his Father Heavenly not from any other source.

For this reason, he strives every day to always treasure eternal truths that will fill his mind and heart through the bible reading. He also makes a sincere effort to pray and reflect on his life and what he can do for others and for his own life. family.

He learns by heart bible verses that he puts into practice and delights in them in order to decide wisely about his life. He is a blessed man who does not follow the advice of unhealthy people nor dwells on dark paths of the sin much less cultivates friendships in blasphemous environments, but on the contrary glories day and night in God and his teachings.

The Holy Spirit will always be your companion

The holy spirit will always be your constant companion because he dwells in your life and attests to your good works. His kind treatment towards others, his simplicity of heart and his self-control are his best flag.

It strives to ensure that its human weaknesses not cause him to fall but submits himself to God to correct his weaknesses and help him master his daily struggles. Galatians 5:22-23 clearly describes the fruits of the spirit as follows lovepatience, patience, brotherly kindness, piety, temperance, and charity, all as a result of living a righteous and value-driven life.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Love for others will always make this worthy man distinguish himself from the rest of men. Love will always govern his interactions with other people since through the God's grace has experienced love. His family and friends can feel the security of being by their side because their behavior denotes kindness, charity, honor and much respect.

He honors the second great commandment which is to love his neighbor as himself, because he knows that through this commandment he gives testimony of obedience and love to God as well. In this way he leads an upright life by being an example to others by honoring God and all that he does.

Forgive and ask for forgiveness

The man of courage is kind and humble with everyone around him, because he knows and recognizes that God has been patient with him throughout his life. length of his life. He has repented and has been forgiven and freed from sin. He also knows that he is imperfect and that the place in which he finds himself he owes it only to God. For this reason, he strives to always be empathetic with all people, trying to understand their imperfections as well, since we are all beings with weaknesses.

Just as in the book of Colossians chapter 3 verse 13 says that we should tolerate one another and forgive one another, so also as the Lord tolerated and forgave us, we should all do it and a man of courage demonstrates it by acting.

Possesses strong self-control

A man of courage steady and steadfast He brings out his true inner strength in very important moments. He does not allow himself to be overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of life but overcomes them full of faith and prayer. He meditates on every aspect of his life before making any decision and acts according to God's advice.

Take well the advice found in Proverbs 16:32 which says that he who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.

Its self-control determines it and it knows that it is thank you to the blessing he has gained through Jesus Christ and that he can be stronger and wiser. In this way he can evaluate the consequences of wrong decisions, act righteously and always according to God's commandments.

He is a man obedient to God

The example of our Lord Jesus Christ and other great prophets of the bible is what a man of courage imitates in his life. He lives to fulfill God's will even though it may be difficult or socially not correct.

He recognizes that God will have the best things for his obedient children and he fully trusts in their blessings and the time in which they will arrive. This is how he heeds the advice of Psalms 119:11 which says that we should treasure in our hearts the sayings of God so as not to sin against Him. If a man of courage does the will of God he will always be happy.

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