An excellent day with the help of the Bible

We continually worry about the future and that is why every day when we wake up we may have the uncertainty of how that day will go. It is as if the future depended on us or obeyed those around us or the things that surround us. When we think this way we are putting God aside, practically forgetting about Him.

An excellent day with the help of the Bible 1

At all times, and particularly at the beginning of a new day, we must keep in mind the presence of God, and by entrusting into His hands all the actions to be undertaken during that day, we will be blessed by Him. This positive procedure is pointed out on multiple occasions in various biblical passages, in which we find true guidance for us to feel that the day that begins is the best day we have ever lived.

Start the day with confidence and tranquility in God.

We should express to the Creator the full faith and trust we have in Him, doing so with the greatest joy. In this sense, we should entrust to Him our health and our work, business and projects, making sure that in these aspects our activities do not harm anyone. By trusting in God and doing good, we can be at peace. (Psalm 37: 3-5).

At Isaiah 40:31 we can find expressions of a deep and true trust in the Lord when we entrust our daily chores to him. Having the confidence of receiving from God all that is necessary to carry out our labors, in moments of disorientation or fatigue we can turn to his help to resume our tasks with enthusiasm.

The daily struggle is with the help and care of the Lord.

God never abandons us nor leaves us alone, we are always under his gaze and care. When we are afraid to face humanly untenable situations we should not be discouraged, because He will always be there at our side, helping us to endure the difficulty and giving us strength; for this reason, we should not faint, but give the problems to God, as the Psalm 68:19.

During every second of our lives God is always attentive to our actions to help us follow a straight path without falling into wrong matters, becoming our guide. His wisdom and love for us is reason enough for us to surrender ourselves to His care, being aware that as it says Psalm 1213 "The way God has for us is always the best way".

Biblical help to commend our day to God

At the beginning of the day and during the course of the day, one should find time for short readings of the BibleThis is made easier if we previously know which ones refer to the enjoyment of a good day with the Creator.

In this regard, the highly recommended Psalm 37: 23-24through which we can express to God our aspiration to please Him always, asking Him to help us to be faithful and to lift us up in case of failure. In the same way, when pronouncing the Psalm 37: 5 We ask the Lord to sustain us and to work in our favor always, but especially on this day, thanking him for our future being in his hands.

Each day we must ask and wait on God with the certainty of receiving his help to overcome the difficulties that may inevitably arise during the day, asking him to remove our doubts, knowing that his power and love are unlimited. (Mark 9: 23).

The evangelist Matthew tells us not to give importance to the future, saying that we should not worry about tomorrow, because each present day has its own problems, which sometimes are enough. (Matthew 6: 34).

While reading Lamentations 3: 22-23 we understand that compassion and love that God's goodness and mercy is with us every day and that the present day is no exception because God will never let us down.

God's purpose is always good

There is no doubt that God's objectives are always full of goodness and love. Having faith and love in God, our particular plan of life does not escape these designs, even when sometimes we do not understand why some events happen, we must be sure that our future is in God's power through his mercy. (Jeremiah 29:11).

The Creator always gives us the best; however, with the finite capacity of our mind it is impossible to comprehend the greatness of His love and goodness, which will translate into infinite heavenly benefits throughout eternity. That is why every day we must ask God to grant us enthusiasm, encouragement and strength to perform our daily tasks. (Corinthians 2: 9).

In the face of the difficulties that may arise daily, God will always be at our side, supporting us so that we do not fall. (Psalm 55: 22). We should place in his hands our difficulties and anxieties of the day, giving him thank you for His continuous support and for giving us strength to continue, even in moments of spiritual weakness, which is when He lifts us up, sustains us and helps us to walk towards the truth.

Effectiveness of the Bible to enliven the day

In general, Bible reading, if done with faith, has a very real healing effect on our lives. This may not be achieved because in frequent cases the reading is done mechanically without concentration and without any hint of love and surrender to God.

The Bible summarizes the word of God, whether it is transmitted directly by God himself Jesus and written by the apostles and disciples, or the one corresponding to divine revelations gathered by the apostles and disciples, or the one corresponding to divine revelations gathered by the prophets and chosen prior to the coming of the Son of God. In any case, it contains a variety of writings or verses that give encouragement and hope to those who read them, having the certainty that we can trust what is said there because they are teachings that come directly from God.

Security in God

We can feel secure in God (Isaiah 25: 1) since God has a future for everyone (Psalm 16: 5). That is, we can always trust in Him and be sure of His infinite love, hence it is important to always stop and reflect on all the good that God has given us, with which we strengthen our faith and recognize His faithfulness to us.

All of the above has been permitted by the Creator and has positive goals for those who believe in His word, that is why everything He gives us is always good, even when for human reason it is not so. At times we feel hopelessness in Him and we may fall into despair, but it must be understood that these are necessary stages to achieve the ultimate blessing.

Therefore, every day we should approach God by giving Him our daily actions through the wise readings of the Bible, with the assurance that even in the midst of storms, the day will be blessed by the Lord.

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