5 verses about the faithful friend

Says John 15:13, Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.. The son of God is the perfect example of friendship that the Holy Bible presents, because Jesus He gave his life to save us and reconcile us with God, he died in our place, because he is a true friend. Friendship is a gift from God, the most beautiful thing, because we can give and receive, we were created to relate, interact, share and not to be alone and far away, that is why today I want to share these verses about true friendship.

Then God the Lord said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I am going to give him adequate help.

(Genesis 2:18)

In the book of genesis at the beginning of creation, God as Architect and creator always perfect, when He creates man, He realizes that he needed a companion to be there to share his experiences, with whom he could express his feelings, laugh, cry, walk, play, share achievements, failures and it is for all these reasons and many more that a companion is created, which in this case was the woman.

We all have a family to which we belong and with whom we share a great part of our life, childhood, adolescence, youth And when we reach a certain degree of maturity God gives us special people such as our friends, partner, among others. Just at that moment of maturity is that we remember and value all those people who in one way or another have left their mark on our journey, for example, that childhood friend who supported and protected you, the one who shared his lunch when yours was forgotten, in short, it is beautiful to look back and remember all those people with whom we have shared beautiful moments.

5 verses on the faithful friend 1

He who associates with wise men becomes wise; he who associates with fools comes to a bad end.

Proverbs 13:20

We can all be influenced, either by advertisements, by the people we hang out with, by television, by music, by technological trends, in short, we are human beings who copy behaviors and models of peers. We cannot always choose our peers. At work, at school or in our urbanization; we are always interacting with others. However, whenever possible, it is in our best interest to choose "wise companions".

But, How do we know if our partners are wise? Many of us have the tendency to associate with those who are similar or think like us. We must keep in mind that wisdom is in the word of God, therefore every person who is attached to it, will enjoy wisdom. Choosing our friendships for some interest, sooner or later will be broken and you will continue to feel alone, that is why I recommend you a lot of humility and take the time to choose those "wise companions", who will dedicate part of their time to listen to you, to share and most importantly for you to give. Because always keep in mind that "hands that give, also receive want"..

Forgiveness restores friendship, rancor ends it.

Proverbs 17:9

Friends are there for better or worse, and there are times when we feel betrayal, deceit, frustration of not feeling the same dedication from our friend. Resentment is one of those feelings that do not let us move forward and therefore one of the worst feelings we can have. enemies of our dreams, resentment isolates us, hurts us and you know why, because it always comes from the people who are dearest or closest to us.

FORGIVE, is one of the feelings that makes us feel more fulfilled and better emotionally, forgiveness is who heals a damaged heart, is to give up all feelings of anger, resentment, pain. We must forget wholeheartedly the emotional damage of words or gestures of people who have caused us pain at some point in our lives. Forgiveness among friends is to give a new opportunity to life, is to close the door to the past and build a good present.

When we forgive from the heart, our mind is at peace, and we free that friend from all guilt, but above all we free ourselves by making room for our God, since it is he who gives us the strength to sorry.

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for times of trouble.

Proverbs 17:17

We live in increasingly accelerated and difficult times, sometimes the distance makes physical closeness difficult, generating a distance and often increasing the background of memories about the moments lived. However, although it is true that these are difficult times, we live in modern times where distances are overcome. thank you to technology through the use of social networks that contribute and facilitate the feeling of closeness among our loved ones, even when there is physical distance between them. Let us remember Solomon who said that it is better to have friends than to be alone.

Any activity can be done, faster and better, if two people work side by side; friends can support each other, lighten each other's burdens, reach out to lift each other up when they stumble; friends bring warmth to life. Friends comfort each other when faced with threatening situations, and give encouragement when experiencing states of vulnerability. Friends imbue each other with strength. Finally, if two are strong together, they will be stronger when they are united to the Lord our God.

With riches friends increase, but even a poor man's friend forsakes him.

Proverbs 19:4

It is one of the hardest realities, when we are well off, either by enjoying a stable economic position, by social prestige, by enjoying a job in a prestigious company, in short, the more our wealth increases, the more our friends increase.

Many times we abandon our true friends because we have met new friends who impress us with their social environment, their circles of friends, the resources they manage, in short. We forget those true friends who have been by our side through thick and thin. Luke in his book 16:9, makes us reflect on this point:  "... Therefore I say to you, make use of worldly riches to win friends, so that when these are gone there may be those who will receive you into everlasting dwellings."

Jesus Christ intends for us to use our social status or economic wealth as a bridge to meet many friends. The dilemma will be when our status changes for the worse. Will those friends really be with us, to extend their friendly arm to us?

Perhaps many have heard of friendship out of interest; when someone seeks your friendship because they know you are able to help them. Or when you seek someone's friendship because you know that person will be able to help you someday. This is why wealthy people have many friends, at least as long as their wealth lasts. When wealth runs out, so do friends, as the proverb says  "... but even his poor friend abandons him", And it is not all bad, for if the poor are saved from anything, it is from friends out of interest, something from which the rich can never get rid of.

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