15 Verses of Encouragement for the New Day

The beginning of each day gives us the possibility of facing new events, some of them pleasant and beneficial and others less good and even harmful for each one of us. If we add to this the possibility of going through difficult moments in our daily life, the probabilities of falling into depression and discouragement are great.

new day

Whatever one's particular situation, there is no better way to get started a new day to be full of positive energies, encouragement and encouragement. Conditions that God freely and generously offers us, when we turn to Him at the beginning of the day, thanking Him for what He has given us and asking Him for strength to face the vicissitudes of the new day and asking Him to grant us the following conditions thank you for the fulfillment of our daily tasks.

The Bible and words of encouragement to begin the day

The word of God expressed in the Bible always gives us strength and encouragement to face a new day and we can rely on them to give us the push we need to lead a day full of blessings and satisfactions.

We have been taught that God himself will always be with us and will walk before us showing us the right path; if we comply with his commands, he will never abandon us, therefore we should not be afraid or discouraged in the face of difficulties (Deuteronomy 31: 8).

They appear in the Bible countless references that allow and help us to start each day with the greatest possible strength, encouraged by the Lord's teachings. To this end, we must remain alert to temptations and be courageous and strong in order to stand firm in faithto avoid falling into negative lures (Corinthians 16: 13). We must always show great firmness as to our faith in the Lord, knowing that God will stretch out his hand to us so that everything that is undertaken in a new day, will always be in accordance with his Work for the benefit of mankind (Corinthians 15: 58).

All believers must be clear that in every journey that begins we may encounter obstacles that can make us weak, but in the face of this we must wait for God's help with great courage and bravery (Psalms 31: 24). When these moments of uncertainty arise, we must remember that if God has conquered the world for an eternity, all the more reason why He will conquer our little difficulties and in Him we will find peace (John 16: 33), as long as we act according to his demands, because if we only say and do nothing, there will be no divine reward (Proverbs 14: 23).

God's plan for a new day

Always the plan that God God's will for each day and for each person is always perfect and seeks our benefit; however, at times situations happen that we cannot understand and that are not in accordance with our desires and aspirations. Before this we must remember that God himself is only love and always lavishes mercy, so we must leave our future in the will of the Creator and thank him for his actions (Jeremiah 29: 11).

The God's planning always includes the daily earthly unfolding, but fundamentally it is designed as a plan for eternity. However, with our limited understanding it is difficult to understand the divine plans and we only think of the immediate; that is why the trials and difficulties that must be faced day by day are allowed for strengthen us more and to be worthy of God's love and goodness for all eternity (Corinthians 2: 9).

God is the supreme Being and the greatest Being in existence. and in spite of our defects and imperfections He always delights in the human being because He sees in every creature His Work and we can preserve it when we overcome the sinwhich we are able to do through the blessings of Jesus that give us power and strength (Zephaniah 3: 17). We can totally rely on the help that God provides us to overcome any eventuality that comes in a new day, because we always have God's company. Father and with Him we will always be victorious (Psalm 3: 9).

God is always by our side

As we start a new day, we must keep in mind that it is essential to trust in Godthat He is always at our side, supporting us to walk by His side and not to do so unassisted and alone.

As Isaiah instructs us (Isaiah 40:31) by putting all our trust in GodWe will receive everything we need to carry out our daily activities, being able to turn to Him at all times to obtain His guidance and the necessary rest to continue fulfilling our duties.

We have to pedirle to the Lord to give us all the wisdom and strength to face the problems that arise, asking Him to help us by giving us the necessary courage to accomplish our tasks no matter how difficult they may be. For this we should thank Him because we always count on Him in the certainty that He will never abandon us (Deuteronomy 31:6).

Even when there are insurmountable problems for a human being, we know that we can lean on the Creator and we will receive encouragement and encouragement to move forward and overcome the difficulties and in the event that we are overcome by them, we can be sure that with his hand we will be lifted to continue, so we must give him all the anxieties that may arise in the course of each day (Psalm 55: 22).

Sharing our trust in God for a new day

We must not only surrender to God We must also think of our neighbors, who often have to face situations that are more adverse than ours, which is why we have the responsibility to encourage those around us.

Therefore, in the Bible we find remarks that we should encourage one another. Specifically Paul the apostle expressed:

"Beware, brethren, lest there should ever develop in any of you an unrighteous and faithless heart in departing from the living God; but keep exhorting one another daily." (Hebrews 3: 12-13).

In his words we understand how necessary and important it is to give words of encouragement and to do acts of support for those we see who are victims of discouragement or diminishing trust in God, this will make others feel better and one will experience greater peace in the Lord.

We all need to be encouraged to know that we do not walk alone, being the main thing the help of God, but being important also that we have the help of the brother who is next to us and that through him we can have a better vision. faith and trust in the Supreme Being.

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