General information and study of the Bible, psalms, proverbs and everything related to the Bible.

In our daily lives we face different challenges that many times make us faint, but that God allows us to live so that we become stronger and prepare ourselves for better things to come in the future. Sometimes it is difficult to remain encouraged and willing to continue overcoming obstacles. But, the Lord has not left us alone, on the contrary, He has provided us with all the tools we need.

It is a blessing to be able to count on inspiring words and revelations from God, which give us guidance and strength as their children and allow us to be ready to act and thus to face adversity.

Through the sacred scriptures we can find answers to our daily challenges and receive the strength we need to come out of our trials successfully. By following the precepts that God has communicated to us through His holy prophets.

That's why through our website we offer you all the help you need to get peace and relief in your tribulations, joy in your life and the opportunity to getting closer to God through the bible and his teachings.

In addition, we help you in your personal study of the bible so that the information can become clearer and clearer. We hope that you will enjoy, but above all, put into practice the teachings of Jesus Christ and His prophets in your life. And so strive to achieve the happiness every day of your life.

God's commandments and advice to guide our life

As mentioned earlier, God has not left us in this time of probation here on earth without the tools we need to overcome our trials and progress. For this reason, we have the commandments, which rather than restrictions are a guide offered to us away from the evil and danger of the world.

At the sacred writings of the Bible we find a series of commandments or tips wise men that Our Father Heavenly places at our disposal to guide and nurture our lives.

We can define a commandment as an order or rule given by someone who has the proper authority. And who better than God to give us these rules that guide our lives. Now you may be thinking, how does God give us these commandments? The answer is very easy, He communicates with us through His prophets. Since time immemorial ancient prophets speak to God and they transmit the message to each one of us.

In the Bible you will find many of the commandments that God has communicated to His people in ancient times, which are still valid for us today. Below you will find a series of interesting and well-explained articles that help us to understand the commandments. commandments and counsels that God has given us and found in the Bible.   

God's Forgiveness

The sorry is one of the attributes that Our Eternal Father has asked us to develop. We are asked to forgive in order to be forgiven and because of all our many faults and mistakes we need that forgiveness. God's forgiveness.

In several verses of the Bible we find advice on how to achieve the following forgiveness that we long for so much and so that we can sorry to all those who have offended us. This forgiveness is paramount to healing our wounds and follow the path of progress in our lives.

In the following articles you will find important details about the God's forgiveness and of our fellow men that are recorded in the Holy Bible.

Explanations from the Bible

For many the Bible is not easy to understand, leading to rumors that this sacred book is only for a few or that it is simply incomprehensible. But this is a big mistake, the Bible is a sacred record created for our benefit and the instruction of God's followers. Perhaps all we need is a helping hand to get started with our Bible study.

Take your time to review one by one the articles that we bring you below, which will give you the guidance you need to understand in detail the message God has for you in the Bible.

Get out of your mind all those pessimistic thoughts that indicate that the Bible is difficult to understand and take advantage of the information we bring you so that you too can become a student of the scriptures and you can begin to to put the commandments and counsel of the Lord into practice. In addition, to take advantage of the stories of ancient peoples that can serve us as a help and example.

Psalms for all occasions

The book of Psalms that we find in the Old Testament of the Bible was written by the King David as part of their praise, supplication, and divine inspiration. We can find Psalms that apply to every situation in our lives For this reason we bring you a list of these sacred writings that will help you find comfort, share a message of encouragement or just read a good poetry that inspires you to do good.

The following texts explain what each one is about psalm so that your study and prayer be well oriented.

Bible quotes for special occasions

No matter what situation you are going through in the bible you can find an ideal scripture. We will recommend specific verses to give you congratulations, express our love, friendship, gratitude and much more.

Imagine the face of your mother when you congratulate her on her day with a beautiful passage from the Holy Scriptures, we are sure that she will feel loved and happy to feel that God is present in the life of your child and that you are present in her life. family.

Locate the occasion you are experiencing in the following text list, and learn unique details that will allow you to use the Bible to improve your life.

Scriptural analysis

The Bible is not just a book created for priests, pastors or church leaders, it is actually a book that all followers of God should consider and apply in their lives.

The Bible deals with specific subjects, explained through the experiences of ancient peoples, direct revelations to God's prophets, and the very life of our Savior Jesus Christ.

We can find great treasures in this book only if we alone are able to make a correct analysis or interpretation. For this reason below we bring you the details you need to make a proper analysis of certain biblical passages and their meaning, the structure of the book and more.   

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